Why Zaui is Your Reservation Software for 2023


January 19, 2023

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Is adopting reservation software for your tour and activity business on your 2023 to-do list? Or are you looking for an alternative to your current booking system?

Then, this blog is for you.

Zaui, one of the longest-standing booking systems, is designed specifically for tours, activities and attractions of all sizes—from tourpreneurs and mom-and-pop shops to thriving enterprises. With centralized operations management and a robust booking engine, Zaui can make your life easier. That’s not it, Zaui has the right tools for you to generate more revenue.

Here, we have a quick rundown of our feature highlights for you. If you want to know more about them, contact our team today. You can ask your questions and check whether the Zaui reservation software is the right fit for your tour and activity business.

Online Booking Engine for Direct Bookings

An Online Booking Engine refers to the booking platform on your website where guests can directly book tours, activities, and transportation services. A simple and hassle-free booking option on the website is a must-have to increase direct bookings. 

When there is no option to book on your website directly, potential customers may be forced to call the front staff, confirm the availability, and share the payment details to reserve their spot. An online booking engine can minimize those tedious steps to a few clicks on your website and make the booking process frictionless for your guests. 

Zaui’s online booking engine can be easily integrated into your website, providing customers with a quick, flawless booking experience. Zaui gives you various options to embed the booking engine on your website.

A screenshot of Zaui online booking engine for tour operators


​​You can display your categories as activity-specific or package-specific. You can also choose a single-category calendar view, displaying activities in a calendar view and listing activities chronologically. If you are curious about how an online booking engine enhances the guest experience, here is an interesting read.

Sales Channels to Sell More

If you want to reach out to enthusiastic travellers worldwide, you should explore working with OTAs and other distribution channels. It sounds like a simple plan. But, the challenge is managing various sales channels while ensuring that there won’t be any double bookings. An image showing various distribution channels offered on Zaui reservation software for tour and activity operators

Zaui tour booking system has the right tools to expand your sales channels without creating any confusion. Let it be Online Travel Agencies, hotel concierges, or even your local tour operators’ network—we have the solution to reduce the complexities of reselling.

Channel manager is a tool within the Zaui booking system that helps you manage your sales channels. It enables you to automate your transactions with resellers. With the system, you can set rules for each distribution channel and decide the products you want to sell via each channel. You will have a centralized dashboard tracking all your sales channels. 

Also, commissions and payouts are automated. You just need to set the partnership rates with each sales channel. Zaui online booking system calculates the commissions and manages them every time a sale is made.

Tools to Generate Revenue

Promo Codes

A Promo code is an excellent revenue generator and marketing tool to attract new customers and your previous guests. Zaui booking software has the perfect promo code feature for your tour and activity business, letting you auto-generate promo codes. You simply set the rules and configuration for each promo code, schedule the duration of promotions, and the date range for promo code campaigns. When someone buys your tours or activities online, the reservation software automatically generates a promo code for them. If you want to send the promo code link directly to your previous customers to keep them coming back, the tour booking system enables you to do that too.

You can learn more about them here, How Can an Online Booking System Help Your Promo Code Campaign?

Gift Cards: Zaui booking software allows you to offer activity gift cards for your customers. The potential customers on your website can easily use the “Buy as a gift” option and add their custom message for the recipient. As activity gift cards are getting popular among shoppers, this will be another revenue-generating tool for you. Gift cards are also an effective tool for improving cash flow during the off-season. Another benefit of gift cards is that the recipients may invite another person or upgrade their tour, which brings more revenue for you. 

Upselling Opportunities: Zaui tour booking software lets you upsell other products, adding more revenue sources. When your customers are ready to check out after booking your tours or activities, you can display relevant product add-ons and packages on the product or cart page. This is an opportunity to boost the average booking value and increase your revenue.

Integrations to Grow Your Business

Yonder, a sales, marketing and survey platform for tourism businesses: By connecting your Zaui system with Yonder, you can enhance customer service to attract more bookings. Yonder’s review widgets, AI chatbots and automation features help you boost website conversions and customer engagement, improving ROI on marketing and turning customers into reviewers. Yonder can automate review requests to your customers shortly after their experience. 

Eager to know how it helps you? Hear it from Ziptrek Ecotours Queenstown, a Zaui user. Zaui-Yonder integration easily retrieved data and automated responses to customers’ frequently asked questions, such as booking processes, how to get there and more. 

Fotaflo, a photo distribution and marketing platform: Fotaflo lets you easily share photo memories with your guests and helps you grow through photo marketing. You can simplify and automate the distribution of photos and videos to all your customers through Fotaflo. Zaui-Fotaflo integration makes it easy to retrieve booking details from Zaui, upload photos to a custom-branded Fotaflo website, and deliver personalized albums directly to guests by email or text message. As guests share these photos with friends and family, your tour company gains additional exposure and referral leads. 

Sojern, a travel marketing platform: Zaui customers can use the leading digital marketing platform built for travel marketers to enable multi-channel marketing solutions and drive direct bookings. You get greater exposure across online channels, increasing awareness about your brand among travellers and driving more direct traffic to your Zaui-powered website. 

Payment Gateways for Global Transactions

A reliable and secure payment processing method is vital to accept bookings from people everywhere and expand your business globally. Zaui has third-party integrations with leading payment gateway providers, enabling you to process international transactions, speeding up the online checkout for your guests and offering them a frictionless user experience.

Operators can choose a payment solution that’s apt for their business and provide their guests with a safe, quick, and easy-to-use payment system. Here is a quick look into the payment gateways provided by the Zaui online reservation system for tours, activities, and attractions operators.

Final Word

Replacing your pen-and-paper system with an online booking system streamlines your operations and more importantly, increases online bookings and revenue. ASs more and more travellers prefer to book online, adopting an online reservation system has become inevitable now. 

We can help you. Book a time with a Zaui expert to talk about your business requirements. When we have a better picture of your needs, we will walk you through how the Zaui booking system could help your business. We can give you a tailored demo for your business.

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