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November 4, 2021

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Zaui, the leading booking management system for tour, activity and ground transportation providers, is excited to announce its latest integration with Yonder. 

By connecting the Zaui system with Yonder, tour and activity operators can enhance their guest experience to attract more bookings. It will enable operators to automate FAQs and collect customer feedback and reviews effortlessly, helping them focus on guest satisfaction.

What Is Yonder?

Yonder is a sales, marketing and survey platform for tourism businesses to power up their customer care and sales. Yonder’s review widgets, AI chatbots and intelligent customer quizzes help tour operators cover every touchpoint with prospective customers. Its automation features help boost website conversions, customer engagement, improve ROI on marketing and turn customers into reviewers.

How Can Zaui-Yonder Integration Help Tour & Activity Operators?

✅ Answer your customers’ queries 24/7: With the Zaui-Yonder integration, users are able to utilize Yonder’s AI chatbot to answer customers’ frequently asked tourism-related enquiries, including where to book and tour availability. 

The chatbot has a catalogue of routine questions for a range of tourism businesses, providing guests with the answers they need fast, while also freeing up time for your staff from answering them manually. 

Read on to learn how Zaui customer, Ziptrek Ecotours is collecting data, and leveraging the power of AI chatbot for tourism to boost bookings.

✅ Drive more bookings with positive reviews:  By retrieving booking details from the Zaui booking system, Yonder can automate review requests to your customers shortly after their experience. The simple surveys make it quick and convenient for your customers to share their feedback. Yonder prompts those who rate you five stars to post the review on their preferred online review site by providing a copy button. 

With the Yonder-Zaui integration, all customer responses are connected with the customer and booking data in Zaui. Your team is able to quickly identify exactly which customer has responded to the feedback request. Easily manage reviews by pooling all your customer feedback data in a central place, saving you from browsing various channels to collect online reviews.

✅ Convert website visits into sales: With Zaui-Yonder integration, access a suite of products — live chat, pop-up messages, automated feed to showcase latest reviews on the website  — to communicate and engage with your website visitors and boost your website conversion rate. Get an edge over your competitors by listening to customers at different points of the customer journey.

Gain insights about what your customers are most interested to know. The frequently asked questions on the chatbot will shed light on the most sought-after tour product or information that’s not readily available on your website. With these valuable findings, you can tweak the messaging on your website to attract more visitors and retain your customers.

Yonder in Action: Ziptrek Ecotours Queenstown

ZipTrek Ecotours is a leading zipline tour provider and a leader in ecotourism based in Queenstown, New Zealand. Having their Zaui booking system integrated with Yonder makes it easy to retrieve data and automate responses to customers’ frequently asked questions, such as booking processes, COVID-19 safety protocols, how to get there and more. The customers get answers to their queries 24/7 without having to email or call the Ziptrek office.

AI chatbot used by tour operators
Zippy, Ziptrek’s digital guest services member—AI Chatbot—sits on their website helping customers 24-7.

Over 90 days during their busy summer period, ZipTrek EcoTours Queenstown saved over 100+ staff hours, thanks to the Yonder chatbot taking care of guest services. The benefit of providing prospective customers with information on time is that they can make direct bookings via Zaui without involving your front desk.

Read the entire case study here.

Getting Started with Yonder

To get started, sign up for a free trial with Yonder here.

Extended 30 days Trial with Yonder for Zaui Community!

Tour and activity operators looking to integrate their Zaui booking system with Yonder can claim an extended 30 days trial period. Sign up here.

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