Step Up the Photo Delivery Experience with Zaui and Fotaflo


August 19, 2021

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Zaui, the leading booking management for tour, activity and ground transportation providers, is thrilled to announce its latest integration with Fotaflo

What is Fotaflo?

Fotaflo is a photo and video marketing platform that delivers guest memories to generate trackable referrals and grow operators’ business. 

Fotaflo firmly believes giving away digital prints to guests at no charge is an effective way to build goodwill with guests, grow your library of user-generated content, and drum up social proof. 

From zipline tours to whale watching to cycling tours—tours and activity providers can add value and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Why Tour & Activity Operators Integrate Zaui with Fotaflo

The latest integration allows operators to retrieve booking details from Zaui, capture and upload the photo set to a custom branded Fotaflo website, and deliver personalized albums directly to guests by email or text message.

✅ Automated Photo & Video Delivery

Selling photo souvenir packages may not be an effective promotional strategy, as guests may not purchase the photos every time. 

With Zaui and Fotaflo, tour and activity providers are able to take the photo and deliver these memories straight to guests, reducing the time and frustration operators may have previously spent on archaic photo and video delivery processes.

Zaui customers integrated with Fotaflo will find it easier to train staff to use the platform and streamline their operations and photo delivery experience.

How it works—With the Webhook integration, Fotaflo pulls data from Zaui—name, contact info (email or SMS), as well as the time and date of the experience. A tour guide/photographer can use their mobile device to easily preview the day’s manifest, select the guest and take their photo. Fotaflo automatically uploads photos and videos and sends this to the guest without additional manual steps.

Guests, in turn, will receive an email or SMS and access their album link, where they can retrieve and share their photos as they choose.

✅ Improved Guest Experience

Guests long for an outstanding experience and long-lasting memories when they book a tour, activity or attraction. While on tour, they’re looking to fully immerse themselves into the experience without the interruption of their mobile devices.

By integrating the photo software with Zaui, your team (operations staff, guides etc.) can capture guests’ adventures and send them photos of their experience directly by text or email, free of charge. 

With this added advantage, tour and activity operators are able to stand out from the competitors and ultimately add value and attract future bookings.

✅ More Referral Leads

Modern word-of-mouth marketing happens on social media, and guests sharing photos and videos of their experiences play a crucial role in marketing tours and activities. 

It’s all about leveraging your guests’ network. The social proof and recommendations coming from a trustworthy source— friends, family or colleagues—can have a significant impact on driving new referrals to explore your business and book their next adventure.

Zaui and Fotaflo users can stand out from the crowd by providing guests with a frictionless way to share their memories with their friends and family on social media in only a few clicks. Anyone viewing the shared photos can be taken back to the operator’s website, helping operators gain additional exposure and referral leads.

✅ Remarketing Opportunities 

Photo memories are a great way to nurture relationships with past customers and turn them into your biggest brand advocates. 

Tour and activity operators can make use of travel photos with the help of Fotaflo to remind their guests of the good times they had. It will entice them to rebook or even gift the experience to their loved ones. 

Operators can also offer additional incentives to celebrate their travel anniversaries and incentivize guests to return with exclusive promo codes (via Zaui), turning them into your biggest advocates.

“Zaui always strives to help our customers deliver exceptional guest experiences. The latest addition of Fotaflo to the Zaui integration ecosystem has the potential to help tour and activity operators amp up their photo and video marketing delivery, enhance guest satisfaction and generate future bookings.”

Kory Fawcett, CEO, Zaui. 

Want to get started with Fotaflo?

To get started, visit the fotaflo website for more information and book a demo here. Once you have your Fotaflo account and platform set up, head over to this support article to learn how to integrate Fotaflo directly with Zaui for a seamless photo delivery experience for you and your guests.

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