How Can an Online Booking System Help Your Promo Code Campaign?


July 15, 2022

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Online Booking Systems and Promo Code Campaign

Promo code is a tried-and-true marketing technique for tour, activity, and transport operators. However, it’s not always an easy job to create a promo code campaign and track them. This is where an online booking system can help you.

If you are still wondering how to use promo codes, head over to our blog. We have covered in-depth about running a ​​productive promo code campaign. 

You can make a promo code campaign more effective and seamless with an online reservation system. Tour booking software can do the heavy lifting for you, from auto-generating promo codes to measuring the campaign’s success. 

The online booking system lets your guests redeem promo codes when they book through your website. Even your staff can apply promo codes through the system’s back office. 

an image showing how an online booking system generates promo code for tour and activity operators

Here is how an online booking system can make a difference to your promotional campaign.

Auto-Generated Promo Codes 

Whenever a guest buys your tour, creating promo codes offering them another service at a discounted rate will help you sell more of your products. It provides an excellent avenue to cross-sell and boost your revenue. 

An online booking system precisely does that! When someone buys your product, booking software automatically generates a promo code for them according to your rules and configuration.

Imagine you are a transport company that also offers city tours. When someone books your transport service, you can send a unique promo code to them with discounted prices for your city tours. This way, you will be capturing more in-destination bookings.

💡Zaui online reservation system automatically generates unique promo codes depending on the configuration you set and provides your guests with a unique promo code to use on other services you offer. You can use the promotional codes for any activity or product based on the configured promo code rules. 

Limited-Period Promo Codes

Most promo code campaigns are meant for a particular time range. Sometimes it’s for specific holidays to drive seasonal bookings. Sometimes it’s to kick off a new product. 

The limited-time window creates a sense of urgency and incentivizes your guests to take action immediately. 

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could set the time range for a promo code with ease?

An online booking system lets you select the duration of promotions and the date range for booking. For example, Zaui’s two date selectors give its customers the flexibility to choose the duration of promotions and the date range for booking. 

An image showing how Zaui online booking system set limited time promo code campaign fro tour and activity operators

Activity and Category-Specific Promo Codes

You can customize promo codes for specific activities or categories when you have an online booking system. 

Let’s say you want to set promo codes only for summer tours. You can define the rule around the promo code settings accordingly. Running a specific promotion on your summer tours won’t discount your winter tours, and it helps you manage your discount windows more effectively.

💡 With the Zaui online reservation system, you can easily add promo codes to any activity or product from the set-up page. Zaui also gives you the ability to let customers redeem equipment rental promo codes on its Online Booking Engine. 

Ability to Send Promo Code Links

You can use the online booking system to generate promo codes and send the link directly to your customers. It gives you more options to distribute your promo codes and get repeat customers.

You can reach out to your existing customers via email, sending them promo codes for their next bookings. You can also pre-configure promo code rules to serve guests with post-tour notifications immediately after their tour. It allows customers to go online anytime to book their next tour using their unique promo code.

Tracking & Reporting

Online booking systems equipped with reporting features allow you to track the success of promotional campaigns.

When running a promo code campaign using the Zaui online reservation system, you will get the following report to assess the success of the campaign:

📈Promo Codes by Transaction Date: This report lists all online promo codes applied per transaction date.

📈Promo Codes by Activity Date: This report lists all online promo codes applied per activity date.

📈Summary Report: It shows the frequency each promo code has been applied.

📈Custom Reports: Zaui Enterprise customers can even create custom reports showing promo codes and discounts.

Final Word

Tour and activity operators cannot afford to ignore any tool that can increase bookings and revenue, especially when the industry is getting back from a tough time. Promo code is one such tool that operators should make the best use of. 

You can use this marketing tool to get new/repeat customers and encourage your customers to buy more products from you. Whatever your goal, a promo code campaign backed by an online booking system can make operations easier for you without draining your resources.

Simply set your goals, crunch your numbers, and plan a campaign. And configure the online booking system as per your rules and goals. Once the campaign is over, check whether the campaign brought you more business or not. The reservation system also helps you ensure that the promo code is available only for a specific number of redemptions to prevent coupon selling or sharing.

At Zaui, we are confident about promo codes’ benefits, which is why our system has extensive promo code features. Reach out to us if you are interested in knowing how our clients benefited from promo codes or how you can use promo codes to boost your revenue. We are happy to help!

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