Custom Report Builder for Tour & Activity Operators: Take Control of Your Reports


April 7, 2022

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Tours, activities, and transportation operators need insightful reports to derive metrics that matter most. And the metrics they require are unique to their needs and business goals. While some of you may want to focus on sales channels, others may want to focus on purchasing trends.

That’s why Zaui decided to enhance our reporting feature by giving our customers more flexibility to build their reports the way they want.

We are excited to announce our new custom Report Builder, which enables tour and activity operators to build custom reports to get the metrics relevant to them in a single view.

What’s New with Custom Report Builder

Zaui’s online reservation system lets you create reports for booking, sales, and operational performance and allows you to focus on specific dates and a number of additional data filters. 

We understood that offering you more flexibility and power to customize those reports will help you make smarter decisions for your business. That’s why we created custom reporting.

The NEW custom Report Builder allows you to generate different combinations of data, going beyond the limitations of pre-built report templates. You can remove non-relevant data from your report and make one with the essential metrics tailored to your unique needs. Video showing how tour operators can access report builder to create custom reports

Simply select your required columns of data, such as activity date or booking reference number, add in any additional filters you need, then click “run” to generate your custom report.

It’s quick and easy to create and, regardless of your technical expertise, can generate a custom report in seconds without the hassle of fumbling over formulas, excel sheets, or complicated pivot tables.Screenshot of report Builder, providing custom reports for tour operatorOnce you build a custom report, you can save it for future access if you plan to look at the same report more than once. The “download report” option is still available, just as it is for the traditional reporting templates already in Zaui, with no limits on the number of custom reports you can generate.

The custom Report Builder is currently available for customers on our Enterprise select plan. 

Key Benefits of Custom Reporting

Easily Retrieve Metrics That Matter

Figuring out the relevant information from a table crammed with several columns is time-consuming and challenging. Customizing makes it easier for you to create a report with the exact data and relevant metrics you need, save it for future access, and download it to share with your team. It is one less thing for you to worry about if you get a customized report quickly and easily with just the relevant data. 

✅ Gain Deeper Insights

Imagine getting more insights into the best-performing sales channels or best-selling activities that were not easy to access before. With the right data that makes the most sense for your business, you get the opportunity to optimize your marketing, sales, and operational strategies. Insightful and meaningful custom build reports help you make informed decisions.

✅ Discover Trends

Customized reports make it more convenient than ever to drill in to see and learn more about the recent trends in your customer’s purchasing behaviour. Looking at metrics over a specific time or about a particular activity, you will be able to see what’s trending. It helps you understand the opportunities and make decisions efficiently with the confidence that reliable data can bring.

Looking Ahead

The latest custom reporting feature is what we like to call Phase 1. We’ll continue incorporating more functionality to give tour and activity operators a fully customizable reporting experience. 

One such feature soon to be introduced in Zaui reservation software is scheduling, which is still in beta. It will allow you to schedule a created report daily, weekly, monthly, or at a specific time and send it to any number of recipients.

The custom Report Builder is currently available for customers on our Enterprise select plans.

Head over to our Knowledge Base to learn more about building custom reports. Contact our sales team today if you are a Zaui customer who doesn’t have access to our custom Report Builder and wants to learn more about it.

Not a Zaui customer? Contact our Zaui Experts to learn how robust features of the Zaui reservation system can boost your bookings and generate more revenue.

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