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An Activity in Zaui refers to a tour, event, or service with a defined schedule. Activities can be purchased by customers as a ticket, space, or timeslot on a particular date or time.

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Activity Gift Card

This type of gift certificate is issued for a specific tour or service and a specific number of guests. The gift certificate will cover the full cost of those guests when redeemed. Activity Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be applied to another tour or service.


Add-ons are products or services that you can include in your online booking system. E.g. Cancellation Insurance, Additional Baggage.


An affiliate is someone who resells your products on your behalf. E.g. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Hotel Concierges.


An Agent is an individual affiliated with a Company that makes bookings on behalf of your tour business. Agents are set up to keep track of individual sales for commission or incentive purposes. E.g. Hotel Concierge, Travel Agent


An API is an intermediary between one software product and another, where information is passed back and forth as requests and responses. APIs can be used to build things such as apps and custom tools.

Apps and Integrations

All technology partners collaborating with Zaui to make it an easy-to-use, all-in-one reservation technology platform. E.g. Reserve with Google, Twilio, SmartWaiver, Cartstack.

Booking Embed & Widgets

A tool that allows you to link the online booking engine to your website. It automatically displays your content—available experiences, routes, pickup/drop-off locations, dates—and adapts to your website layout.

Channel Manager

Channel Manager is a tool that connects your booking platform with online travel agencies and Zaui’s local supplier network and allows you to define and control your relationships with them. It also helps you access your inventory in real-time across all the sales channels.

Channel Partners

Partners refer to resellers that have a direct integration with Zaui. Online Travel Agencies such as Expedia Local Expert, TripAdvisor Experiences or GetYourGuide are examples of Channel Partners.


Companies in Zaui are set up to sell tours, activities, products and services on behalf of your business. They can be set up to receive Commission or as a Wholesaler Company. E.g. Hotels or third-party resellers like OTAs.

Customer Credit Balance

A Zaui feature that allows tour operators to issue credits to guests for deferring travel. Using Customer Credit Balance, guests can redeem their already-purchased tour or activity at a future date.


Dashboard gives you an overview of your operations for the day.

Digital Waivers

The digital form of a liability release form (waiver), which guests can sign ahead of time when they book their activity. Digital waivers can be signed at your location or online from any computer, tablet or mobile device.


Discounts refer to an incentive offered to customers by tour, activity, and transport operators. Discounts are set up for use in the Back Office. They can be applied ONLY by staff using the Zaui Back Office, POS (Point of Sale), or Mobile App.


Distribution refers to the way tour and activity operators distribute their products and services to customers. It can be either through their website or a third party such as an Online Travel Agency (OTA), an Agent or Zaui reseller.


Equipment refers to an item added to the activity to increase or decrease availability for the tour, activity or transportation route. E.g. Buses, bikes, scooters, jet skis and boats.

Gift Card

Formerly known as a Gift Certificate, a Gift Card is a Zaui feature that gives shoppers an opportunity to purchase and deliver a thoughtful experience to their loved ones. The Gift Card feature is available in the new Online Booking Engine. Zaui Gift cards can either be for a specific tour/activity or for a specific dollar amount.


Zaui Insights refers to an analytics dashboard, which gives you a snapshot of your business performance. It helps you identify trends and patterns in your data and forecasts future business levels.

Inventory Pool

An inventory pool is your total stock of similar types of equipment such as bikes, jet skis, scooters, or shuttles.


A manifest provides tour, activity, and transport operators with a list of bookings for a specific tour, time slot, or vehicle. Zaui gives them the option of looking at activity-specific or entire day manifests.

Online Booking Engine (OBE)

OBE refers to the booking platform on your website where guests can directly book tours, activities, and transportation services.

Online Booking Management System

Online booking management system or reservation management system refers to the software application (Zaui) that is implemented by tour, transportation, attraction, and rental operators to accept and streamline their booking processes, manage requests, payment processing, availability checking and calendar management, and much more.


An Online Travel Agency (OTA) is a travel website/platform specializing in the sale of travel products to consumers. OTAs make an agreement with tour, activity, and transportation providers (suppliers) to resell their products and services where the OTA takes payment from the consumers and pays the net rate to the suppliers.

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are an online e-commerce service that authorizes online payments. They connect your existing credit card merchant account with the Zaui system. Some gateways also offer full merchant services should you not have a credit card merchant account with your bank.

Price Codes

Price Codes refer to the price that operators will attach to a particular tour, activity, rental, or trip.

Price Tables

Price Tables is a tool that gives transport operators an all-in-one view of all stops and corresponding fares between each point.

Processing Fee

Previously known as system fee, processing fee refers to the booking fee that goes directly to Zaui. It is specifically for free accounts. The processing fee is combined with the guests’ invoice.

Promo Codes

Promotional codes are fixed or flat percentage discounts, set up to incentivize guests to make a booking. They can be applied at the time of checkout on the Online Booking Engine, or by your staff when booking via the Zaui Back Office or Mobile App.


An activity that calculates the price based on the length of time on a piece of equipment. E.g. Ski Rental and Boat Charter.


Anyone who sells tours on behalf of the supplier. Adheres to the supplier’s rules and restrictions.

Smart Tags

Automatically add guests’ details to notifications sent from the system. Smart tags make it easy to pull pieces of information such as confirmation number, reference ID, or guest name and add them to a notification.


A supplier is anyone who hosts tours, activities, and transportation services that the reseller sells. The supplier controls rules and restrictions for the reseller.


A Wholesaler refers to any relationship in which a third-party or reseller takes payment on behalf of the supplier and is invoiced at a later date.

Zaui Connect

Zaui Connect refers to a feature that connects tour and transport operators with other local tourism partners using the Zaui system. Zaui Connect helps you cross-sell your tours and activities with another Zaui user in real-time.

Zaui Connect Enhanced

Zaui Connect Enhanced is inclusive of Zaui Connect but takes it a step further by allowing you to cross-sell with a third-party supplier/tour operator outside of the Zaui system via custom APIs.

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