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Zaui Insights : Your Powerful New Analytics Dashboard

Zaui Insights : Your Powerful New Analytics Dashboard
Zaui Insights

Empower your business with Zaui Insights

Knowledge is power. Like never before, viewing and analyzing data has never been easier with Zaui Insights!

What is Zaui Insights?

Zaui Insights is high-level analytical dashboard designed to provide a critical overview of how your business is performing.

A first in the tour operator/transportation software industry, Zaui Insights gives a snapshot performance of your business, helps you identify trends and patterns in your data, and forecasts future business levels. The primary KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that form the pillars of this powerful new tool are the driving force behind the success of any tour operation: Revenue, Bookings and Customers.

Zaui Insights delivers essential information within seconds, enabling your executive team to have their fingers on the pulse of the business. This ability to understand your business better will give you an edge over your competition and help grow your market share.

“We wanted to provide our customers with an analytics styled dashboard-type system that is similar to many popular analytics systems our customers are already familiar with.  Where Zaui Insights begins to outpace other systems, is our ability to look at both historical and future data in real-time, enabling our customers to make smart data-driven decisions.  Insights has been one of the most interesting projects we have taken on at Zaui, and we’re so excited for the future possibilities of this product for our customers.”

Zaui CEO – Kory Fawcett.


Zaui Insights – Overview Page

The first layer of Insights introduces you to your three primary KPI’s: Total Revenue, Total Bookings and Total Customers and illustrates your revenue levels over the chosen date range compared to the same period in the previous year.

Zaui Insight Screen

Zaui Insights – Revenue Sources

Learn which departure times and which channels generate the most revenue.

Zaui Insight Screen

What can Zaui Insights do for your business?

Save Major Time – Time is of the essence in today’s fast paced tourism space. Ditch the excel pivot tables and monitor real-time KPIs daily and save the time it takes to manipulate several reports.

Drive your top line revenues – Zaui Insights will give you a high-level overview showcasing your business revenues, number of bookings and customers by travel date. Sales and cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and with Zaui Insights you can monitor your “wins” with Bookings KPI and determine if your monthly/yearly targets are pacing ahead or behind your goals. With our visual graphs, users will be able to see a forecasted trend of your revenue and bookings, and build promotional targets to increase your pre-bookings.

Snapshot Views – With Zaui Insights see what is happening in your business at any time. Having immediate access to more concise and readable data is fundamental for today’s enterprises. See which of your key partnerships are bringing in the most revenue and which companies you are referring the most business to. Monitor how your online sales are performing from your Zaui booking portals. Support your commission and wholesale relationships with dashboard data and monitor the sales of your top agencies.

Explore Your Data – Insights allows exploring your data in ways that previously were not available, or would have required hours and hours of time to aggregate the data.  Discover new trends and patterns in your business that you may have never known before, and enable your staff to make smart data-driven decisions.

Zaui Insights is available for all customers, and allows users to quantify the benefits of this industry-first technology.

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