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Built for the World’s Best Museums and Attractions

Book more visitors

Offer online booking for general admission, timed ticketing or multi-day ticketing.

Centralize your operations

Cut down on phone time and paperwork by monitoring inventory in real-time.

Issue tickets and speed up check-ins

Check guests in faster with flexible ticket issuing options (print or digital).

Digital Ticketing Features Ideal for Museums and Attractions

Ticket Builder

Customize your tickets with Zaui’s full range of ticket build options. Add valid duration, notes, restrictions, commissions and more.

Ticket Validation and Check-Ins

Validate tickets and QR codes and instantly check in guests using the Zaui Mobile app. Its intuitive user interface and fast scanning reduce front-line training.

Booking Engine

Embed the Booking Engine into your website to accept online bookings or book guests directly from Zaui Core.

Booking Portals

Set up multiple online booking portals to showcase different products or create a custom portal for private groups.

Ticket Printing

Use Zaui’s integrated ticket printers to print hard-copy custom tickets from the desk or on the go. See supported hardware.

Multifaceted Pricing

Set up to five different pricing grades for each ticket and offer group or family discount rates.

Third-Party Ticketing

Resell tickets with the option to upload third-party barcodes, so tickets can be presented, scanned and checked in by a third-party supplier.

Hop On Hop Off and Multi-Day Ticketing

Create and sell tickets for multiple scans/check-ins over the ticket’s valid duration.

Inventory Management

Manage and sync your inventory and capacity limits in real-time across channels without the risk of overbooking.

Product Merchandising

Boost your average cart value by showcasing different complementary products and souvenirs to be upsold alongside your tickets.

Packages and Bundles

This dynamic packaging system allows you to easily bundle and price your tours with transportation, event or attraction tickets and merchandise.

Customizable Manifests

Zaui automatically builds manifests for all reservations. Select from predefined fields and customize the order of fields on the manifest.

Guest Communications

Notify your guests with booking confirmations, essential updates, review inquiries or marketing updates. Customize and schedule automated emails to guests pre or post-visit.

Promo Codes

Use online promo codes in marketing campaigns to incentivize return guests and sell more online bookings.

Gift Cards

Sell experience gift cards or gift cards by denomination. Gift cards are created, validated and sent to the purchaser and/or recipient via email.

OTAs and Zaui Connect

Automate your ticket sales when selling with OTAs and manage reseller relationships with Zaui’s Channel Manager.

Insights and Reporting

Make faster, smarter decisions with comprehensive dashboards and customizable reports displaying key business, tour and guest insights.

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