About Zaui

(pronounced zau-ee)

We’re on a mission to make online reservations easy for tourism and ground transportation operators everywhere.

Zaui was Built for You

Your business

We designed our features to meet the needs of every size of business—from tourpreneurs and mom and pop shops all the way through to the thriving enterprise.

Your customers

We’re committed to helping you deliver a positive experience at every stage of the customer journey—from a prospect to a loyal customer to a long-time advocate.

Your network

Connection is at the heart of what we do—connecting your business to guests, partners and the greater tourism community.

How it Started and How it's Going

The Early Days: Blazing the trail

The year was 1999, right at the end of the dot com era. The location—the back of a van at Locarno Beach.

Our journey began when software engineering graduate and avid climber Kory Fawcett realized that tour and transportation companies were being managed inefficiently. They lacked the proper tools to effectively manage tours and routes, allocate resources and collect payment on the go. And as a result, guest and tourist experiences suffered.

Drawing from his background in development and sparked by an entrepreneurial drive, Kory grabbed the bull by the horns and coded the first version of Zaui—a software solution that would help an Alberta transportation company (Zaui’s first customer!) better manage the shuttling of passengers from Banff to Calgary.

Designed as an online reservation system to simplify the tour and activity booking experience, the software merged a front-end customer booking interface with a sophisticated suite of back-office tools.

And it worked. Before long, more and more tour operators inquired about Zaui. We grew exponentially in those first few years and went global in 2006.

Smart scaling in a rapidly changing world

Over the last decade, Zaui has evolved to stay ahead of the curve of global digital transformation.

With a laser-like focus on high-quality and reliable software, we’ve expanded and iterated our product suite to meet the ever-changing needs of the tourism industry. This future-oriented development has now made Zaui a mainstay in the reservation technology scene.

Today, Zaui is headquartered in Canada with sales offices in the United States, Norway, UK and South Africa.

24 years of Zaui

What’s ahead?

As the tourism industry continues to experience digital transformation and move operations online, we’re here to help. Whether it’s building out new features to meet customer needs, facilitating new integrations to drive more convenient workflows or simply being present to support our customers every day, our mission remains the same—to help tour, activity and transportation operators everywhere future-proof their businesses, scale and succeed.


The Core of Who We Are


Happy Customers. Happy Guests. We work with our customers to ensure their needs are prioritized and championed in our product roadmap and future development.

Trust and Reliability

When we say we’ve got your back (and your business), we really do. Trust and reliability are the foundation of our team, our product and our relationships.


We’re driven by the future. We have our ears to the ground and strive to think differently, plan ahead and build for the future.


A people-first approach is ingrained in everything we do—from nurturing prospects and serving customers to developing our own team.

Social Responsibility

Whether it’s protecting our planet or improving our platform—we’re grounded by the belief of making an impact for the better.

Powered by a Team that Dreams Big

Our team is made up of talented, collaborative Zauians based in Canada, the US and Norway, united by a shared vision of shaping best-in-class tourism technology that scales with your business.

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