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April 22, 2021

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With staycations being the new norm, domestic tourism (when permitted) becomes the more appealing option in lieu of international travel. As restrictions ease, locals will be interested in exploring the beautiful sights and exciting activities on their doorstep. One of the tried and tested strategies to make the best use of this pent-up demand for travel is by cross-selling and packaging experience in the local marketplace. 

Cross-selling is not new to the domestic tourism industry. But, the manual complexities behind it make this one of many pet peeves for tour operators.

The World of Supplier and Resellers

If you are new to cross-selling, here is a quick rundown. The process of reselling involves a supplier and reseller. 

A supplier can be anyone who hosts tours, activities and transportation services. As part of attracting new sales, the supplier cross-sells tours and activities to another operator, who then becomes a reseller. 

Resellers offer the supplier’s tours and activities to their customers, creating another selling avenue for the supplier.

Typically, reselling requires a constant line of communication between the parties involved, usually by phone. From inventory check to booking, the tour operator who supplies the products needs to spend hours on the phone with the reseller. In the event of cancellations or changes of plans, they are back to phone calls again.

The tedious, manual operation is what stops many operators from cross-selling. Zaui Connect automates the entire reselling process by connecting you to various sales channels and saving you from the headaches of phone calls and emails.

What is Zaui Connect and How you can Cross-Sell

Previously, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) were able to automate sales with tourism suppliers. Tour and activity suppliers relied on OTAs to resell. 

Zaui Connect has effectively changed the game up, by enabling resell capabilities for Zaui users with each other. Every Zaui user enjoys the power of reselling within their system.

By definition, Zaui Connect enables a direct, real-time Zaui-to-Zaui connection. It automates the manual operation that goes behind reselling, with the only condition being both parties should be on the Zaui platform. 

🤔 And if your business would like to connect with a third-party, non-Zaui system, stay tuned for a follow-up piece on Zaui Connect Enhanced. We’ll break down what Zaui Connect Enhanced is and how you can use it to expand your selling opportunities.

So, why Zaui Connect

Zaui Connect makes communication easier with real-time product mapping between systems and live inventory checks. It allows the reseller to make real-time bookings without even talking to the supplier. 

For booking amendments and cancellations, the Zaui user can rely solely on Zaui Connect, saving both the supplier and reseller from the exhaustion of back-to-back phone calls.

Key features of Zaui Connect that enables cross-sell explained 

How Zaui Connect Helps Tour & Transportation Operators Cross-Sell

Cross-selling with a network of local suppliers in the market opens up various avenues for you. With reselling, you will be able to reach potential customers you wouldn’t have otherwise. Leveraging your partner relationships in the local marketplace can bring you more visitors without spending too much time on marketing.

For any operator in the tour, activity and transportation industry, keeping track of their bookings in real-time is crucial. Zaui Connect does precisely that. All the bookings are made in real-time. And other Zaui users will know the real-time availability of your services and products, helping you get more bookings.

As you broaden your network, it is natural for you to fear the chaos that might follow. But, Zaui Connect ensures that you get more guests sans confusion. Here is how it is done.

Control Your Inventory

Zaui Connect gives you the freedom to decide how you want to do business with another Zaui user. It is up to you to determine what services and products are available to the resellers for booking and their schedule.

In the Zaui system, the Channel Manager section helps you do this. As a supplier, you define the rules of your relationship with each reseller through Channel Manager. You can set unique rules and restrictions for each Zaui-to-Zaui relationship. 

With the ability to enable or disable the reseller channel, Zaui Connect gives suppliers complete control over their inventory. 

Sync Real-Time Inventory and Booking Updates

After browsing the list of activities made available by the supplier, resellers can add a single or all activities into their Zaui system, making it available for reselling on their system. Resellers then can book, amend, and cancel bookings as if they were their own. 

However, bookings coming from different sales channels will never break your system. Every single change in the booking system is done in real-time. There is no risk of overbookings.

Both systems will reflect any changes to the bookings in real-time. Zaui Connect allows Zaui players in the local market to do the real-time booking and automated inventory management with ease.

Build Local Community, Partnerships and Packages

Being a part of a community of tourism partners can bring fresh life into your marketing efforts. Strategic partnerships in your local marketplace are capable of getting you more guests and visitors, generating revenue.  

Getting access to a network of local suppliers without any hard work is something you can’t ignore. Let Zaui Connect do the heavy lifting for you.

We are happy to help you boost your business. If you’re an existing Zaui customer, connect with our Customer Success team to learn more about how you can use Zaui Connect to cross-sell your products and services.

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