Zaui Announcing New Integration with Vox City Walks


April 26, 2022

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Zaui is excited to announce its latest integration with Vox City Walks, a leader in destination guiding, sightseeing experiences, and multilingual storytelling. 

About Vox City Walks

Vox City Walks is an entirely new, technology-driven network of hop-on hop-off guided walking tours that provides live local experts and first-class guiding in multiple languages. Guests use their mobile devices to track their nearest guide, view departure times, and listen to commentary by their live guide or through their self-guided audio tour mobile app. 

Vox City Walks introduced the flexible hop-on hop-off concept to walking tours as guests can join and leave guided walking itineraries at their leisure. 

The tour offers 24, 48, and 72-hour passes for guests. They have a range of unlimited self-guided features, including recommended self-guided walking routes, audio commentary, photo hotspots, and much more.

How Does Zaui-Vox City Walks Integration Work?

The integration allows Zaui clients who are partnered with Vox City Walks to sell hop-on, hop-off walking tours through their own Zaui system. Vox is considered the source of truth for availability, and you, as the Zaui customer, act as a reseller.

When connected to the Vox account, a booking made on your Zaui-powered website will be sent directly to the Vox system. Vox will handle all customer communications, including sending out the hyperlink for the customer to download the app. The automated notification from Vox will grant your customers access to the Vox City Walks mobile app.

How the Integration Helps Zaui Customers?

Connect easily with Vox City Walks: The integration enables you to effortlessly connect your online booking system with Vox City Walks, the fastest-growing franchise opportunity in the tours and activities sector. Linking your Vox City Walks account to your Zaui reservation system opens up new opportunities for you to sell their tours hassle-free.

Offer unique tour packages: Combine Vox City Walk sightseeing experiences with your tours and activities, offering a unique package for your guests. You get more upselling opportunities as the new concept of hop-on hop-off guided walking tours expands across the globe. 

Automate customer communications: The integration makes guest communications automated and simple. When you sell a Vox City Walks tour, the confirmation message along with other tour details will be sent to the customer by the Vox group. They send an email to the end customer with a download link to the app, and they have access for 24, 48 or 72 hours (depending on what was sold). 

Getting Started with Zaui and Vox City Walks 

If you are a Zaui customer, head over to our Knowledge Base to learn more about the Vox City Walks integration or click here to learn more about becoming a Vox City Walks partner in your destination.

For more details on the Zaui-Vox City Walks integration, get in touch with

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