Introducing the Service Disruptions Manager for your Transport Booking System


May 6, 2020

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One of the biggest passenger pain points? Service Disruptions. Passengers want to be kept informed throughout their entire journey, especially when unplanned delays and closures occur.

Today, we’re excited to announce a big step towards helping transportation operators manage and communicate service disruptions efficiently and effectively using our transport booking system.

Designed with ground transportation operators in mind, the NEW Service Disruptions feature enables users to apply a service disruption to their trips. Bookings affected by the delays and closures are updated in real-time and impacted passengers can be notified by email and/or SMS*of these changes. Equipped with this information, passengers are able to adjust their travel plans accordingly.

Our Transport Booking System New Feature Shines in Disruption Scenarios✨

We’re excited to launch this new feature, as it will benefit transportation operators in a few important ways:

1. Time Delays

No one wants to be stuck at their stop, waiting on a late bus. Unplanned disruptions, such as traffic congestion, accidents, detours or vehicle breakdowns happen daily and are out of your control.


screenshot of Service disruptions feature for transport operators in our transport booking system

🚌How Service Disruption can help: Applying a disruption is simple. Upon receiving notice of delay, your operations team can apply a disruption to a single stop location/or range of locations with the estimated delay time, which will effectively push back the trip’s arrival time. Operators are able to notify impacted guests of the latest changes by email and/or SMS*. 

For travellers making a last-minute booking, the delay, and updated times are reflected throughout the booking process to ensure awareness.

2. Route or Stop Closures

Unplanned occurrences like traffic rerouting, construction, events, and natural disasters can result in certain stop locations to be blocked and no longer accessible.

an image showing how transportation operators can use Zaui transport booking system

🚌How Service Disruption can help: Operators are able to apply a disruption and close a location or a range of locations along the route. When closed, guests are notified by email and/or SMS and the booking is cancelled.

Affected stops are not bookable online or internally for the duration of the disruption.

Issuing cancellations and payments: With stop or route closures, transportation operators are able to address cancellations simply by moving the payment over to customer credit to be applied towards future bookings. Depending on your policy, once the payment is moved to customer credit – travellers can either request a refund or use the credit to rebook at a later date.

In short, the new feature helps transportation operators:

✅Keep booked passengers informed on trip status, delays, and closures

✅Minimize inconvenience, frustration, and dissatisfaction in the passenger journey 

✅Help passengers adjust their travel behaviour and plans

✅Enable your operations team to easily manage and communicate disruptions, and issue necessary refunds or credit for cancelled trips

We’re just starting off, and working towards pushing the needle even further for ground transportation technology.

Zaui transport booking system is packed with even more transportation features to help you drive bookings and deliver frictionless guest experiences. Here are a few products and features you may be interested in:

If you’re already a Zaui customer, reach out to the Customer Success team to learn more about how you can leverage the feature to manage your service disruptions.

*Twilio integration required

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