How to Write a Tour Booking Confirmation Email: 8 Types with Great Examples


April 16, 2024

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How to Write a Tour Booking Confirmation Email: 8 Types with Great Examples

Confirmation email templates offer a valuable means to enhance the customer experience and streamline the buying journey.In today’s business landscape, customers hold exceptionally high expectations for the businesses they engage with. Among the essential components of the booking process is the booking confirmation email. While a simple confirmation message may appear after an online purchase, it often falls short. Customers anticipate an email confirmation to provide tangible proof of their booking, primarily as a safeguard against potential issues down the line. The absence of a confirmation email might trigger concern in the customer’s mind, potentially affecting their perception and prompting them to reach out to customer service for clarification.

What are confirmation emails and why do you need them?

Let’s dive into the specifics of confirmation emails and their significance. Confirmation emails are automated messages triggered when a customer completes a specific action, landing directly in their inbox. Their primary function is to reassure customers that their action, be it a purchase or booking, was successful. These emails are almost always indispensable. Imagine making a purchase and receiving no confirmation in your inbox – you’d likely feel left out without an order number or confirmation of your transaction. Moreover, confirmation emails often include vital next steps and activation links, making them essential for guiding customers through the post-booking process. Here are three key reasons why they are necessary:

  1. Serve as Upselling, Cross-Selling, and Marketing Opportunities: Confirmation emails provide an ideal platform to subtly promote additional products or services, maximizing revenue potential
  2. Provide a Sense of Reliability and Authenticity: By furnishing customers with important, trackable information, confirmation emails instill confidence in the business’s reliability and authenticity.
  3. High Open Rates: These emails typically land in primary inboxes and boast a high open rate, often over 50%, ensuring that crucial information reaches customers effectively.

Best Practices for writing a booking confirmation email

The confirmation email serves as the initial point of contact with your customers following a booking. Mastering this communication is pivotal for securing positive reviews and fostering customer satisfaction. It’s crucial not to bury essential information within cluttered text. Your email should appear clean, easy to read, prioritize critical details, seize marketing opportunities, and, above all, leave a lasting positive impression. Here are some best practices to help you achieve success with your confirmation emails:

Include important information

A confirmation email serves not only to verify the booking and payment but also as a reference point for guests. Please make sure, you include the following:

  1. Name of the product (e.g., tour name, activity, event, rental, transportation service)
  2. Number of guests (for group bookings)
  3. Guest Details 
  4. Billing invoice and summary
  5. Date & time (highlight for improved visibility)
  6. Need to knows: any specific information that can help the guests
  7. Relevant links and information related to the product
  8. Location
  9. Clearly stated refund and cancellation policies

Highlight preparation details

Encourage guests to pay special attention to trip preparations. Inform them about weather conditions, necessary attire, any waivers to sign, and when they can expect reminders from you. These small touches enhance the overall experience and demonstrate your reliability.

Keep it short and human

Get straight to the point. Lengthy, complicated emails are off-putting. Ensure all information is well-formatted, easy to find, and understandable. Inject personality into your email while maintaining brevity and clarity. Personalization and a warm, friendly tone are essential for establishing an emotional connection with your customers.

Make it mobile-friendly

Given the prevalence of mobile usage, make sure  your email displays correctly on smaller screens. A quick test can help prevent any formatting issues. Consider that customers often re-read emails on the go, since they typically use that email as a point of reference, make sure important details like booking references or QR codes are clearly displayed.

Types of confirmation emails for different business types:

For tour and activity operators, various types of confirmation emails may be necessary, tailored to different business models. Here’s a breakdown of some examples:

1. Booking Confirmation Email for Small & Medium Tour (SMB) Operators

If you operate a small to medium-sized business, your confirmation email should reflect the intimate experience you provide. Here’s an example:

Subject: You’re All Set for Your Next Adventure!

Email Body:

Hi [Guest Name],

Great News! Your booking for [Tour Name] is confirmed. Thank you for choosing us; we are committed to providing you with an exceptional and intimate experience. We look forward to seeing you on [Tour Date]! Below are your booking details:

Date: [Date]

Time: [Start Time – End Time]

Arrival Time: [Time]

Guest Information:



[Phone Number]

[Party Size]

Payment Details:

[Transaction Summary]

Where to Meet Us:


Contact Info:

[Your Company Contact Information]

Cancellation Policy

[Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions]

Thanks for choosing us; we’re looking forward to seeing you!

2. Booking Confirmation Email for Group Tours

Group tour confirmation emails should be straightforward and concise, considering the complexity of logistics involved. Here’s an example:

Subject: Your Booking is Confirmed

Email Body:

Hi [Guest Name],

Great news! Your booking for the [Group Tour Name] is confirmed! Below, you’ll find all the details for your party’s booking:

Date: [Date]

Time: [Start Time – End Time]

Recommended Arrival Time: [Time]

Customer Details:

[Main Customer’s Name]


[Phone Number]

[Party Size]

Joining You on This Tour:

[Guest 2’s Name]

[Guest 3’s Name]

[Guest 4’s Name]

Payment Details:

[Transaction Breakdown, including any outstanding payments]

Meeting Location:

[Address] at [Time]

Contact Info:

[Your Company Contact Information]

Cancellation Policy:

[Your Cancellation and Refund Policy]

We can’t wait to see you all soon!


3. Booking Confirmation Email for Walking Tours

For walking tour operators, emails should highlight important spots, provide an easy-to-understand itinerary, and offer valuable suggestions. Here’s an example:

Subject: [Booking Confirmation] Thank You for Choosing [Company Name]

Email Body

Dear [First Name],

Great News! Your Walking Tour of [Place Name] is booked. Thank you for choosing us to explore the area; we can’t wait to show you around. Below are all the details, and a list of suggested items:

  • Meeting Location:
  • Arrival Time
  • Start Time:
  • Estimated Duration: [Time]

Your Guide’s Name: [Name]

Guide’s Contact: [Contact Information]

What to Expect?

Special Instructions: Wear warm clothes, comfortable shoes, and don’t forget your umbrella and water bottle. In case you forget them, you can buy them from the meeting location as well.

We can’t wait to show you all the wonders of the beautiful [City].

[Company Name] Team


4. Booking Confirmation Email for Watersport Rental/Equipment Rentals

When someone rents equipment for watersports, they’re not just getting gear; they’re trusting the provider with their safety and enjoyment. A confirmation email should reflect that trust by being thorough and reassuring. Including detailed instructions ensures the renter knows how to properly use the equipment, while safety information highlights the provider’s commitment to their well-being. Together, these elements convey confidence in the rental service’s professionalism and responsibility toward its customers.

Subject: Your Watersport Rental Confirmation – Get Ready for an Adventure!

Email Body:

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for choosing [Company Name] for your watersport adventure! We’re thrilled to confirm your reservation and can’t wait to provide you with an unforgettable experience on the water.

Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities, which is why we want to ensure you feel confident and prepared for your upcoming rental. Below, you’ll find detailed instructions and essential safety information to make your experience smooth and worry-free:

Rental Details:

  • Date and Time: [Date] at [Time]
  • Rental Equipment: [Type of Equipment]
  • Duration: [Duration of Rental]
  • Rental Location: [Location Address]

Safety Instructions: Every rider must wear a life vest. Life vests will be provided free of charge at the departure location and must be returned after the trip. The [Watersport Rental Product] is equipped with a certified safety kit in the console. Each participant must also sign a waiver after our safety talk before heading out onto the water.

Cancellation Policy:

Important: All participants must be at least [Minimum Height] tall to participate. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time for the full time you paid for.

Special Instructions for Groups: 45 minutes if you are in a party of 8+.

What to Consider Bringing? A water bottle to keep you hydrated and a phone for taking pictures. We’ll provide a waterproof case for your phone free of charge, so you can capture memories worry-free.

Thank you again for choosing [Company Name]! Get ready for a  fun and unique experience!


5. Booking Confirmation Email for Corporate Tours

Confirmation emails for corporate tours require a formal tone and comprehensive information to ensure smooth event execution. Here’s a sample:

Subject: [Tour Name] Booking Confirmed. 

Email Body:

Dear [First Name],

We are delighted to confirm your booking for the upcoming corporate tour scheduled on [date] at [time]. Below are your booking details, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

Tour Summary:

  • Tour Name:
  • Date
  • Time
  • Arrival Time
  • Company Name
  • Employee Names

Event Details:


Payment Details:

[Transaction breakdown]

Meeting Location:


Contact Info:

[Your Company Contact Information]

Cancellation Policy:

[Your Cancellation and Refund Policy]

We can’t wait to see you!

[Tour guide or operator name]


6. Follow-up Email to Ask for a Review

Review emails should be brief, expressing gratitude and encouraging feedback. Here’s a sample:

Subject: Request for Review, Your Feedback Matters

Email Body:

Hi [Name],

Thank you for booking your adventure with us. We truly value the reviews our guests leave. It won’t take up too much of your time, We would love to hear your feedback about our services. You can leave review by clicking on the review link below: 

The team at [Company Name]

7. Review Thank you  Email

This email is sent to users who have left a review and should express appreciation without additional promotional material. Here’s an example:

Subject: Thank You for Your Review!

Email Body:

Dear [Guest Name]

Thank you for leaving a review! We appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you again in the future.

The team at [Company Name]


8. Newsletter Subscription Confirmation Email

This email is dispatched immediately after a new user registers and should be concise without additional promotional content. This is an email where you can ask for the double opt in. Here’s an example:

Subject: Welcome to [Company Name] Newsletter. Verify Your Email

Email Body

Hi [First Name],

Thank you for signing up for our Newsletter subscription; you will receive updates about the latest features, events near you, trend updates, and more. Please click the button below to verify your email address. It’ll only take a couple of seconds.

[Verify Email Button]

If you didn’t submit your email address to join our subscriber list, just ignore this email.

Thank you for subscribing!

Team [Company Name]


Final Word

By following best practices and using the provided examples, you can design booking confirmation emails that create a positive impression on your customers. This helps enhance their overall experience and encourages long-term loyalty. Your booking software can automate the process, sending these emails on your behalf. The software offers customization options, allowing you to align the emails with your brand’s image and personality through tailored templates.

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