Three Reasons for Tour Operators to Switch from Paper Waivers to Digital Waivers


November 10, 2021

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A liability waiver is imperative for tour operators, especially adventure tour operators, as it protects them from legal liability. By signing waivers your guests acknowledge injury risks and accept responsibility for their actions. 

However, signing paper waiver forms is not always a pleasant experience for your guests. The long waiting line caused by the last-minute waiver completion process makes it less interesting for them. It ends up creating an unpleasant check-in process for your guests.

On top of that, the financial and environmental cost of printing paper waivers adds up over time. Waivers also need to be stored for years at a time, taking up valuable office space. 

The solution? Digital waivers!

Why Transport and Tour Operators Should Use Digital Waivers

Digital liability waivers enhance customer experience and streamline the waiver process, and they can be your ticket for standing out from your competitors. More importantly, going paperless helps you evolve in line with the technology needs of your customers who expect their lives to be digital.

If you are not entirely convinced of the digital transformation of waivers, here are three important reasons for you to consider the switch.

✅ Faster Check-Ins

Think of your customers waiting for their turn to get the waiver. When they are pumped up for their thrilling adventure, giving them a long document to read and sign is no fun. Sometimes, they may sign it without even reading.

Give your guests a head start by letting them sign digital waivers during the booking process. Guests can open the form, read and sign it at home or on the go, right from their devices. As they sign the documents before they walk through your door, your team can check them in without any unnecessary delay.

The front-end staff can quickly access the list of customers who have signed the waiver along with their relevant booking details. The waiver status will also be displayed on each of your activity manifests, allowing your staff to spend more time taking care of your guests instead of managing administrative work.

✅ Less Manual Work

Staff with their clipboards and pens, passing paper waiver forms around is a familiar scene. It’s tedious for your team members to manage the stack of waiver forms, sort them out and keep them secure. The money spent on printing and storing the waivers could even put a dent in your budget.

Digital waiver forms can also serve as a customer self-service tool, replacing the tiresome administrative work of your team. Your guests can review, agree and sign them in advance, and your staff can digitally organize the waivers easily, which will free up more of their valuable time.  

If they want to track a signed digital waiver, now they won’t have to go through piles of papers. Instead, with a couple of clicks, they can pull up any form, anywhere, anytime. An added advantage of online waivers is that you no longer need filing cabinets or storage boxes and eco-friendly electronic waivers will help your business save money on printing.

✅ Better Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experience is integral to building your reputation as a leading tour and activity operator. Wondering how a digital waiver can contribute to a pleasant guest experience? 

A contactless, digital liability waiver sent to their inbox immediately after booking or shortly before arrival creates a great first impression on your tech-savvy guests. In the digital age, customers prefer ease of use and convenience. By replacing paperwork hassle with an easy-to-share digital waiver link, you offer them a seamless online experience.

Best of all, digital waivers will enhance the guest experience by cutting down the waiting line. Instead of spending time on collecting and organizing paper waivers, your staff can now focus on delivering a superior guest experience.

How Can Zaui Help with Digital Waivers?

Screenshot of a tour operator using digital waivers

Zaui has integrated with Smartwaiver, one of the leading digital waiver platforms. Zaui users can send their customers a unique URL in their confirmation email, asking them to complete the electronic waiver form before their tour. This special integration with Smartwaiver will also allow you to create multiple waivers for different types of tours and activities. You can even automate reminders for guests to sign their waivers before arriving for their activity!

The completed waivers can be viewed on your manifests when a guest checks in. If a guest hasn’t signed it, simply hand a tablet to your guest to complete the waiver, and the signed document will be attached to the booking in a snap. You can also create a custom QR code to your waiver that guests can scan using their smartphone and sign right on their device!

To Wrap Things Up

Adopting digital waivers into your booking system will help your business run smoother than ever. Now, you can easily centralize and automate all your waiver collection and organization in a single location. With digital waivers, you no longer need to spend as much time, money, space, or manpower as you might with paper waivers.

Environmentally friendly digital waivers are also a great way to embrace an easy and sustainable business practice into your operation. Digitizing and simplifying your waiver process provides your customers with a seamless online experience and gives you another opportunity to wow your guests at the first impression.

If you are looking for an online booking system with digital waivers and more, we can help you. 

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