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September 25, 2017

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Zaui Integrates with Smartwaiver


Digitize and simplify your waiver process, so you can focus on guest experience.

Our clients and the changing demands of the marketplace are often the drivers of innovation here at Zaui Software. That’s why we integrated with Smartwaiver, to help you save time so you can focus on running your business and delivering exceptional customer experience.

If your business uses waivers, Smartwaiver allows you to speed up the guest check-in process by getting your guests to sign waivers ahead of time when they book their activity, rather than the day of moments prior to their activity.

Smartwaiver can now be fully-integrated into Zaui. Automating the process will centralize all your data to a single source, where you can easily sort, organize, and manage it in one place. Digitizing the process will make it easier for your front end staff to find and organize waivers, who can gain quick seamless access of through the Zaui system. It also ensures that your business is protected and covered, stored safely and securely all in one place.

  • Save Time – Get your customers to sign a waiver prior to the day of the activity, speeding up the check-in process, and allowing your staff to focus their efforts on delivering a superior guest experience.
  • Save Space – Imagine how much better you and your team can utilize your space in the office? Bid farewell to all those filing cabinets. With a couple clicks, you and your team can pull up any waiver, anywhere, anytime.
  • Security – Ensure that your business is covered, that there are no errors, and that all personal info is stored safely and securely.
  • Go Paperless – Converting to a digital waiver is both eco-friendly and saves money on printing.
  • Customization – Have the ability to customize what activities your business needs waivers for, and set up separate waivers, right within your back end of your Zaui system. Set up automatic email notifications at the time of booking, as well as reminder tour notifications, with the unique individual link for a specific activity.
  • Operational Win – Quickly see which customers have signed the waiver, enabling your front-end staff with accurate information on each booking. This is clearly displayed in not only each booking, but also on each of your activity manifests, enabling your team to be more polished and productive.

With your newly freed schedule, consider adding another activity that drives additional revenue for your company, selling some of your other product offerings, or upselling your activity. The opportunities are endless.


Interested in getting started?  Follow these quick steps:

  1. Get an account with Smartwaiver
  2. Set up your waiver(s)
  3. Connect your Zaui and Smartwaiver accounts
  4. Watch your completed waivers come in, saving you TIME and MONEY!


Digitize Your Waivers with Smartwaiver and Zaui

Set up is simple. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and save time today by contacting us at

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