How to Leverage Zaui Online Reservation System to Generate More Revenue


August 11, 2022

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Revenue-Generating Features of the Zaui Reservation System

As one of the longest-standing online reservation systems in the tourism industry, Zaui’s mission is to make reservations easy for tour and transportation operators by facilitating direct, online bookings. 

While direct bookings from around the world increase operators’ sales and revenue, we understand it is not enough. It is crucial to equip their operations and business with different tools that will create opportunities to generate more revenue. 

Over the years, Zaui has successfully added several new features to help tour and activity operators. This week, we decided to walk you through the key revenue-generating features of Zaui booking software. 

If you are looking for a new online booking system for your tour and activity business or if you are a new member of the Zaui community, this is for you. Here are some of the highlights of the Zaui booking system to boost your revenue.

Tools for Customer Incentives

Gift Cards: Activity gift cards are getting popular among shoppers as many prefer giving experience gifts to material gifts. Also, buying activity gift cards is easier than endless browsing for a gift. 

Zaui allows tour and activity operators to offer the gift of experience to their customers, opening another source of revenue for them. The gift cards can either be for a specific tour or activity or one particular denomination. You can also give customers the option to print out the activity gift card and send it along with their holiday cards.

A short video of Zaui booking system's gift card feature works

Promo Codes: We never get tired of talking about this excellent revenue generator and marketing tool. Promo codes are one of the best ways to re-engage your previous guests and entice new customers. 

With the Zaui reservation system, you can auto-generate promo codes. It’s like when someone buys your product, Zaui lets you automatically generate a promo code for them according to your rules and configuration. You can also set the duration of promotions and the date range for promo code campaigns. If you want to send the promo code link directly to your previous customers to keep them coming back, Zaui enables you to do that.

A video showing how promo code feature works for tour operator using a reservation system

OTA Connectivity

Seamless connectivity with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) is a must-have feature for any online reservation system for tour and activity operators. And Zaui promises tour and activity operators API connectivity with OTAs, making it easy for them to sell more and grow their business. Enabling API connectivity with an OTA will map your products to OTAs and sync activity details to ensure consistency across all your channels. 

Besides establishing easy connectivity, Zaui provides tools to manage your OTA sales. The Channel Manager automates your supplier partnership with OTAs, ensuring automatic and synchronized updates of availability, inventories, and rates. It means that with its live, real-time inventory management, the online booking system’s channel manager can ensure that there are no double bookings or oversold departures.

You can also use the channel manager to choose activities and inventories available to OTAs and define when these activities can be sold. If you want to implement a cut-off period to limit amendments and cancellations and determine when guests can book or make edits to their booking pre-departure, the reservation system’s channel manager can help you with that. It helps you effectively manage last-minute bookings and resource allocation.

The image of an ebook about OTAs for tour and activity operators.

Agent Sales

Hotel concierges and other agents are travel advisers for many overwhelmed in-destination travellers. So, selling through agents and a partnership with them is vital in reaching more people and filling up your spots. 

That’s why Zaui is equipped with features to simplify reselling through agents by automating the agent relationship, booking process, and commission. Our simple, automated agent booking process can take care of your heavy paperwork and payout calculations.

With Zaui as your online reservation system, you can use three different options for agent bookings:

Through Zaui Core: Agents can inform your staff directly to make a booking, and your team can make the reservation with the details given by the agent.

Through Online Agent Login: Non-employee agents can self-serve by logging into the Agent Login panel (via the Online Booking Engine), browsing available tours and making a booking on behalf of their guests.

Through Agent Affiliate Link: The most popular and easiest way for agents. It provides a unique link for agents to self-serve and book for their guests. Agents can bookmark this link; whenever needed, they can just click the link to reserve a spot for their customers. You can preconfigure the agent affiliate link with the appropriate commission rates, and it will automatically apply commission upon check-out.

Zaui Connect

Creating partnerships in the local marketplace can help you reach more in-destination customers. However, the complexity behind cross-selling is a pet peeve for tour operators. 

This is where the Zaui online reservation system can make a difference by connecting you with fellow Zaui customers to sell your tours and customers easily. And the feature that enables automated peer-to-peer connection is called Zaui Connect!

The main issue with cross-selling is that seller and reseller need to be in constant touch to ensure availability for new bookings. Zaui Connect, solves this by automating the entire reselling process and enabling direct, real-time Zaui-to-Zaui connection between Zaui users. 

You have the freedom to decide the rules of your relationship with each reseller and decide the extent of connection they intend to have with others. Through the Channel Manager, you can open entire activities to chosen resellers and restrict inventory to others.

With real-time product mapping between systems and live inventory checks, Zaui Connect allows you to make real-time bookings without even talking to the supplier. It makes communications more manageable and saves you from the headaches of back-to-back phone calls and emails.

Customer Credit Balance

One of the concerns for many tour and activity operators over the last two years was cancellations. It was during this time that Zaui came up with a solution for its customers—Customer Credit Balance.

The uncertainties created by the ever-changing pandemic restrictions were the primary reason behind most cancellations. We may not have similar situations in the future. Yet, it is smart to equip your company to deal with cancellations and refunds.

How to use Customer Credit Balance? 

There may be unexpected weather changes or personal emergencies for your guests. Sometimes your guests may have had too many activities for a day, and they may be tired to take one more and may want to cancel yours. In all these circumstances, you can offer them the option of customer credit.

Instead of cancelling the tour, you can issue a credit to guests who want to change their travel plan and allow them to redeem their already-purchased tour or activity at a future date. 

Even when you have operational issues and want to suspend business for a few days, you can send an email to your customers and offer them the full value of their booking automatically moved to customer credit (if they prefer it that way).

And best of all, you can use it to offer your customers additional credit or incentives for choosing to postpone travel over simply cancelling.

A screenshot of how customer credit balance works in Zaui online booking system fro tour operators

The little surprise of extra credit keeps your customers happy and helps your brand reputation. The credited balance can be applied directly to the customer profile, and guests can be notified by email and encouraged to reschedule at a safer, more convenient date in the future.

Custom Report Builder

Saving the best for the last!

Analyzing your business performance is inevitable to learn from mistakes and make smarter decisions to generate more revenue in the next season. What’s that crucial tool you need when it comes to analyzing the growth of your business? 

Insightful reports with essential metrics to figure out whether you had a great season.

Zaui’s Custom Report Builder makes it easy for you to create such reports with the necessary data you want to understand your business performance. 


We are not talking about the regular report templates you see everywhere. Zaui lets you build custom reports with the data you want to see in a report. 

Suppose you want to get the sales report at the end of the season with specific parameters. In that case, our Custom Report Builder allows you to generate a report with the right combinations of information you need. You don’t need to worry about the non-relevant columns that are part of regular templates.

It’s quick and easy to create. You just need to select the required data from the drop-down menu, add filters, and run the report. You can save it for future access and even schedule it daily, weekly, monthly, or at a specific time. Also, you can send it to any number of recipients. 

Final Word

As we said, these are the highlights ofthe  Zaui reservation system. We have many more features to reduce your manual workload, make your operations efficient, and increase your revenue. 

Seeing is believing! It’s best to see the system in action to learn more about it. 

If you are interested and curious to know more, do not hesitate to book a demo with us. The first step will be a discovery call to understand your business needs and ensure that we have the right tools for you. In the next step, our Zaui expert will give you a demo unique to your business needs to give you a better understanding of how the system works for you.

So why wait? Book a Demo Now!

 I want to know how Zaui can help me generate more revenue!

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