Getting Zaui Savvy: Say Hello to Our New Knowledge Base 🎓


September 27, 2020

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Across industries, a majority of users lean towards exploring self-service options to resolve issues before reaching out to a customer support representative. The ease and speed of getting users closer to their right answer is part of a 10/10 customer experience.

At Zaui, we’re on a mission to create just that, a top-notch customer experience that makes reservations easy for our tour, activity and transportation community. A big part of this is by providing more product knowledge tools and resources for our customers to succeed.

With this in mind, our team took this period of pause and change to get crackin’ on improving the self-service knowledge experience, focusing on how we can make it easier for users to find answers to frequently asked questions, access guides and video tutorials, and gain deeper insight into ongoing improvements and fixes to their Zaui system in record speed.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a refreshed Zaui Knowledge Base—a self-serve library of all things Zaui available 24/7.

What Can Zaui Users Expect? 

✅ Refreshed look and feel: Our new Knowledge Base’s look and feel is THE breath of fresh air we needed. We’ve worked to include design elements and functionalities that make answers easy to find and understand.


✅ Introducing collections – We’ve curated our articles and organized them under “Collections” (formerly Chapters). We found “Collections” better explained the topics covered. We’ve structured our 12 Collections to follow the basic onboarding process and highlight key parts of the platform you can’t afford to miss.


✅ Clear, intuitive & easy to navigate: Discover the answers to frequently asked questions, find your chosen topic and solution in a few clicks. 

Our giant search bar is also placed in front and centre, allowing users who prefer to quickly search and locate the article needed.

The new view and navigation also clearly highlight our frequently updated Release Notes, Announcements and Ideas Portal, the key areas of interest for Zaui users.



✅New, updated articles & training videos: You may have noticed the NEW knowledge base has been loaded up with a combination of text instructions, helpful screenshots and video-based content to further support our visual learners.

We’ve added a slew of useful articles across all knowledge levels that provide our Zaui community with tips and guidance to make the most out of their system. 

Our team worked to ensure the articles were readable, scannable and helpful to our community by outlining the sub-topics covered, breaking down what customers can expect to find in the article.


🧙 For our Power Users – we’ve also included some 300 level tips and guidance to help you achieve a new level of Zaui mastery!

Keeping in mind our Knowledge Base isn’t here to replace our wonderful customer support team (the Help Button is always there💪), it helps Zaui users save time, and offers our community greater access to a rich trove of useful Zaui knowledge.

About Zaui Software

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Zaui is an independently owned, enterprise-grade reservation technology platform, powering tours and activities worldwide.

For over two decades, Zaui’s online tours and activities reservation management system has helped operators drive their business forward—growing bookings, simplifying manual operations and connecting their business to more guests, community partners and online marketplaces. 

Behind the cutting-edge technology is a mighty group of talented, collaborative Zauians, united by a shared vision of shaping best-in-class booking platforms that stand the test of time. To learn more visit or book a demo here.

Zaui users, take a look at our refreshed, Knowledge Base.

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