Zaui Reservation System Features for Winter Tour Operators [Infographics]


October 6, 2022

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Reservation System for Winter Tour Operators: How Zaui Helps You

Many tour and activity operators in the Northern Hemisphere are gearing up to promote and sell their winter experiences. 

We’ve rounded up a few of the most-used features of the Zaui reservation system for winter tour operators that our customers heavily reach for in their day-to-day winter operations. 

These features help you reduce administrative work, speed up the checking process, lighten your manual workload, and deliver top-notch guest experiences.

As we said, these are the highlights. If you want a rundown of all the features, reach out to our sales team to schedule a tailored demo for your business.

An image explaining features of Zaui Reservation system for winter tour operators


1. Digital Waivers

Waivers are inevitable for adventure tour operators to protect their business and ensure their guests acknowledge any injury risks before taking part in the experience.

However, the process of signing paper waivers is not exactly the most pleasant experience for your guests. Having your guides manage stacks of waiver printouts and getting each guest to complete the long forms at check-in can also be incredibly cumbersome.

With a tool like Zaui, you can replace archaic paper waivers with digital waivers. By going digital, you can send your guests waivers any time after they make a booking.

a screenshot of digital waivers in Zaui's reservations system for winter tour operators

Digital waivers are easy to read, fill in, and sign. The auto-fill features pre-populate guest information, saving your guests from manually entering the details again.

In case your guests forget to sign, they can complete the waivers in person via a designated digital kiosk, via tablet or smart device. 

Zaui has integrated with Smartwaiver, the leading digital waiver solution, to simplify the waiver process for you. It will equip your staff to manage waivers efficiently, and they can pull up a release anywhere, in just a few clicks. And for those needing speed—streamline the check-in process by getting the waivers signed in advance.

2. Day of the Week Pricing Feature

Ever wished to set up different prices on weekends and weekdays? Zaui lets you do just that. The Day of the Week Pricing feature allows you to set different prices for weekends and weekdays on the Zaui system with ease.

It means that you have the freedom to adjust pricing based on your busiest days. If you want to fix your rates on a long weekend different from the rest of the week, you can do that.  Set different rates for high-demand weekends and low-volume weekdays to ensure you make the most revenue out of your season. Such pricing strategies can make you competitive and help you grow your revenue.

3. Mobile & POS App

The Zaui mobile and point-of-sale app helps you drive street sales and streamlines the walk-up experience, opening up even more ways to sell your tours and activities. Your street team and guides can easily pull up the next available tour or activity, book guests and accept payments from their tablets or phone.

Mobile users can quickly tap into guest booking details and check in guests from the activity manifest or by scanning QR codes off tickets or phones. That’s another way to cut wait time and speed up the check-in process for that 5-star guest experience.

The secure and contactless payment system is another advantage for those who run winter tours outdoors. Zaui enables them to accept payments using an integrated contactless or chip-in-pin credit card swipe. Provide customers with a quick, streamlined method to make a payment by scanning credit card details directly from their phone or tablet’s camera.

4. Inventory Management

Keeping tabs on your rental equipment can be a headache. A system to take stock of available equipment and allow guests to select their choice of equipment easily would come as a welcome relief for operators running tours and activities this winter season. 

Zaui provides a structured inventory management system, where every piece of equipment is categorized to make it easy for you. If your winter tours rent equipment— helmets, skis, snowboards, or winter jackets — users are able to sort them out and keep them appropriately grouped and categorized, making the experience clear for customers booking on the website.

By grouping equipment by category, such as sizes, it is convenient for your guests to select exactly what they need at the time of booking. If your guests want a specific boot size for an hourly rate, they can do this through our intuitive booking engine and fields, keeping your inventory updated in real time without confusion.

5. Promo Codes

Online promotional codes always offer that extra nudge for guests to take the leap and book. Promo codes for holiday bundles, family packages, or repeat customers’ special prices incentivize guests to take action immediately. Promo codes for early bird or last-minute sales to sell empty seats are an effective marketing strategy to reel customers.

With Zaui, you are able to generate promo codes for the duration of promotions and the date range for booking in a few simple steps. It means that in the run-up to the winter season, you can run a promo code campaign for your preferred time period.

A traveller using a promo code on a reservation system

If you want to customize promo codes just for one of your winter activities, such as skiing or snowmobiling, it is possible with Zaui’s easy-to-use promo code features. You also have the flexibility to offer guests either a fixed value or a percentage discount, depending on what works best for your business margins.

Another perk is the ability to provide your bookers with a bonus offer using promo codes. The unique auto-generated code feature lets you preconfigure the rules to serve your guests who have already purchased an experience with another special offer. 

29% of online shoppers will add a purchase if it’s heavily discounted that they didn’t originally intend to purchase. So, when you give a discount promo code for winter ziplining to those who have already booked snowboarding, the chances are that they will be tempted to add that to their cart.

You can also track your promo code performance and gain deeper insights into sales made from using your promo codes. Here are the reports winter tour operators can pull from our reservation system to strategize your next promo code campaign.

  • Promo Codes by Transaction Date Report: Lists online promo codes applied per transaction date.
  • Promo Codes by Activity Date Report: Lists online promo codes applied per activity date.
  • Summary Report: Shows the frequency each promo code has been applied.

6. Notifications

A consistent line of communication with your guests from the moment they book your tours sets the tone for the guest experience. What’s the best way to do that? Emails and SMS! 

Zaui notifications feature allows you to send automated messages to guests from the booking system via email or SMS. 

Once the booking is made, use the feature to send an automated email, which you can preset, to confirm the booking with the essential details. In the days leading up to their experience, send your guests an email with exciting trip information through the Zaui system.

Whenever unexpected disruptions occur, rely on email and SMS notifications to inform your guests about delays or cancellations. It is a far more efficient approach to reach your guests last minute as opposed to having your operations team pick up the phone and call.

That’s not it! Remind your guests to sign their digital waivers days before their trip via email. The notification feature also comes in handy when you want to thank your guests after the trip, which is integral to building long-lasting relationships. 

💡Zaui Tip: Send automated emails requesting customer reviews to build quality user-generated content which will help attract more guests and power up sales.

Wrapping Up

Having an efficient online booking system on your side takes the load off your team. When the season picks up, it can almost be impossible to take care of every aspect of your business with a small team while focusing on entertaining your booked guests. 

Zaui reservation system for winter tour operators can help you step up your game before the season begins. From keeping your guests informed to adopting digital waivers to getting your business run on the go—we can provide the features you need to create an incredible and exciting adventure for your guests. 

Talk to a Zaui expert to learn how we can help you create seasonal sales and run your business efficiently.

Learn how we can help you create seasonal sales and run your business efficiently.

Talk to a Zaui expert today!

Zaui customers, if you need help to make the best use of the Zaui system for the winter season, don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with our Customer Success team.

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