5 Promo Code Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore This Holiday Season


November 26, 2019

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5 Top Tips to Incentivize your Guests and Tap into Massive Revenues

Promo codes are a staple in the tour and activity marketing arsenal. Luckily, Zaui customers have full access to easy-to-use promo code features that help drive powerful results.

Zaui’s promo code features enable you to create, manage and distribute highly customized promotional codes in just a few clicks.

Promo Code Tip #1: Set your promo code by type

Zaui provides the flexibility of offering guests either a fixed value or a percentage discount. Depending on the type of promotion you’re aiming to run – this functionality will enable you to fully manage the type of discount that works best for you and your guests.

💡How it works: Find the right promo code type that works for your business margins – whether it’s dollars off or percentage off. Once determined, set your code and watch the bookings roll in.

Promo Code Tip #2: Extend the right offer at the right time

We’ve seen many tour and activity operators effectively utilize codes during seasonal sales periods to drive holiday bookings significantly. With Zaui’s two date selectors, users have the flexibility to select the duration of promotions and the date range for booking. 

💡How it works: Plan your promo codes strategically around busy periods like Thanksgiving and Christmas to see increases in bookings. Specifying a limited time window can be a supplementary tactic to help create a sense of urgency and incentivize your guests to take action.

an explainer on how to set up promo code on the Zaui online booking system

Promo Code Tip #3:  Promote activity and category-specific codes

Zaui’s promo codes can be customized to only apply to specific activities or categories. You’ll never have to worry about accidentally including an irrelevant or expired code to your chosen promoted tour or activity. 

💡How it works: Select your promo code to apply only to specific activities and categories, so running a specific promotion on your summer tours won’t discount your winter tours, helping you manage your discount windows more effectively.

Promo Code Tip #4: Streamline purchase flow and track campaigns with auto-apply URLs

Take the guesswork out of confusing promo codes. With an auto-apply URL, the booking engine will do the heavy lifting and manage promo code applications during checkout, so your guests don’t have to. 

Bonus points: The auto-apply URL can be aligned with your various marketing channels (Google, Facebook, Email etc.) and tracked in your marketing analytics for accurate campaign reporting.

💡How it works: By adding “promoCode=XXXXXX,” the code is auto applied in the cart for your guests, removing a significant barrier to purchase.

Promo Code Tip #5: Establish customer loyalty with unique auto-generated codes

Build on customer experiences and loyalty with Zaui’s unique auto-generated code feature. Rules can be pre-configured to serve guests with post-tour notifications, encouraging return visits for next season or during their current stay at the destination.

💡How it works: Consider, for instance, guests who have booked a Zipline tour in Route A can be served a unique discount code for booking Route B valid for a limited time. A tactic like this encourages customer retention and loyalty.

The screenshot of Zaui's unique auto-generated promo code feature

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