Dynamic Pricing


Dynamic pricing is a strategy that employs variable prices rather than fixed ones, offering the same product to various customer segments at different rates. In practical terms, it empowers you to adapt your pricing as needed to seize opportunities in a dynamic market.

Zaui’s Dynamic Pricing toolkit enables real-time price adjustments through the application of rule sets. This allows you to craft intelligent pricing strategies tailored to your tour or activity business. Customize by category, day of the week, time of day, seasonal fluctuations, demand pricing, group discounts, and more.

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Dynamic Pricing Key Benefits

Increased Revenue

Increase Revenue by adjusting prices based on demand.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Offer better prices to customers based on demand and other factors.

Increased Efficiency

Reduce time spent on manual price adjustments.

Zaui Dynamic Pricing Toolkit

Easy to Configure Dynamic Pricing Rules

Create multiple rules based on a range of parameters, such as travel day, month, date, service type, seat type, occupancy rate, lead time, public holidays, and more. These rules can be fine-tuned to  reflect the desired premium or discount. 

Apply Surcharges and Limits

Go beyond simple pricing adjustments. Integrate surcharges and set price limits. Apply surcharge for specific purchase locations, and define price limits to maintain pricing control. 

User-Friendly and Highly Customizable

Operators can effortlessly duplicate rulesets, making adjustments and adaptations a breeze. Swiftly respond to changing market dynamics and fine-tune your pricing strategies.


Dynamic Pricing Strategies


Seasonal and Special Event Pricing Utilize Zaui to adjust prices during peak seasons and special events, maximizing revenue.

Early Bird Discounts Reward travelers who plan ahead while efficiently managing your booking pipeline.

Demand-Based Bookings Stay flexible with Zaui by adjusting prices based on ticket bookings for specific departures or days. Tailor pricing to match demand, optimizing revenue on busy days and offering discounts on less popular ones.

Different Prices for Different Days Optimize revenue and capacity utilization by setting different prices for weekends, weekdays, early mornings, or midday slots.

Last-Minute Window Pricing Entice spontaneous travellers with last-minute pricing adjustments. Raise prices for on-the-spot bookings to capitalize on urgency.

Channel-Based Pricing Segment pricing based on booking channels like walk-ins, online platforms, phone bookings, or third-party OTAs.

Time of Day Pricing Efficiently use fixed inventory by charging less during off-peak hours and increasing prices during popular timeslots.

Multiple Parameters to Choose From


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