How a Tour Booking System Can Improve Operational Efficiency


December 27, 2021

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How a Tour Booking System Makes Life Easier for Tour Operators

Being efficient and profitable at the same time can be tricky. While managing guests and ensuring an exceptional guest experience, you have other business aspects to take care of—admin tasks, budget calculations, and daily operational needs.

How can a tour booking system step in to support activity and tour operators?

The well-known benefit of online reservation software is the effective management of the booking process. Anytime bookings and seamless payment processes are a given when you have an online booking system.

However, there is a lot more an online booking system can do. From automating some of the tedious tasks to cutting down costs, a tour booking system can improve your operational efficiency. The additional resources and capabilities of an online reservation system equip your staff to handle guests efficiently and improve your revenue.

benefits of a tour booking system explained

Lessens Manual Work and Saves Time

If you are using a manual system to manage your bookings, you might have to go back to an excel sheet or even a pad of paper to confirm the availability for every new booking. Then comes the tedious task of logging guest details into the spreadsheet, collecting the payment details, and informing guests of your cancellation policy and other necessary information. Sometimes, the booking process involves several phone calls back and forth.

An online booking system eliminates these manual tasks in the traditional booking process, simplifies the process, and makes the job easier for your staff. By enabling online bookings, you empower guests to do the work, without any assistance from your team. 

Similarly, instead of manually updating each of your sales channels, an online reservation system can automate the process for you. It even does the meticulous job of calculating the commission and gives you analytics to understand your business better. Your struggles with excel formulas will be a thing of the past.

Adopting a reservation system will help you carve out more time for guests and focus on what really matters. You can facilitate better planning of resources, giving you a more productive workforce in the long term.   

Streamline Day-To-Day Operations

An online booking system also enables you to automate various aspects of the booking process and streamline your day-to-day operations. It’s all about working smarter and being more efficient. 

At one centralized place, you can view all the information you need to run your business—daily schedule, bookings, guest details, payments, commission, and performance analytics. Your team gets quick access to activity, sales tools, resource management, and more.

It gives you a faster and easier way to allocate equipment and assign staff for the day’s tours or activities. Your team can check upcoming experiences, view remaining spots available, and track resources with ease. 

Another example would be guest communications. Even though it is essential for exceptional service, sending booking confirmation emails and tour reminder emails eats up a lot of your daily working hours. With a tour booking system, you can automate these guest communication emails, including quick notifications via SMS or email in case of any disruptions.

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Reduces Unnecessary Expenses

Consider the additional storage facility for paper waivers and the money spent printing them. With reservation software, you get to offer digital waivers, eliminating storage costs and saving hundreds on printing costs. That is one way online booking systems save money for tour companies. 

Introducing such robust tools eliminates ineffective practices that might be costing you money. Making your team productive helps you become more profitable. Also, selling and distributing tours through various sales channels using the online booking system brings extra revenue. 

We all know the expression “time is money.” By having an online reservation system, you get ample time to manage your business and efficiently take care of your guests. It leads to more money in the bank. More importantly, having the right tour booking system on your side can often avoid mistakes that cost you money.

Final Word on Tour Booking Systems

Taking steps to automate tedious aspects of your business will go a long way in making your operation more efficient and more profitable while giving you more time to focus on your most important asset: your customers! Reap the benefits of automation and see the positive impact on your bookings and profits by adopting a tour booking system. Your staff will be able to focus more on guest experience and less time on unexciting admin work.

If you want to learn more about how we help tour, activity, and attraction operators become more operationally efficient, get in touch with us today!

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