A Quick Guide to Tour Booking Software


December 20, 2021

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Are you plowing on with research for the right tour booking software for your business? 

Are you still confused about adopting a tour booking system? 

There is a lot more information available about online booking software for tour operators. We are here to help you digest the information in the easiest way before you decide on whether to buy one or not.

What is Tour Booking Software?

Tour booking software is a software solution used for managing bookings. It helps you automate and manage bookings as well as streamline day-to-day business operations. 

Online booking software can replace many manual processes, allowing tour, activity, and attraction operators to focus more on the guest and less on the tedious desk work.

Benefits of tour booking software explained

Do Tour Operators Need Booking Software?

Even when you hear about the benefits of tour booking software, it’s natural to have a lot of questions. Everything may have worked out well for you in a pen and paper system. So, why an online booking system now? 

Let’s just consider these scenarios:

  • Are you able to accept bookings 24/7?
  • Is your staff tied to the phone during peak season answering customers’ queries?
  • Do you get calls from guests checking whether their booking came through or not? 
  • Have you ever messed up bookings and ended up overbooking?
  • Have you struggled with payout calculations?
  • Have you ever wished for an easier way to distribute your tours?

If you have been through any of these scenarios, it’s best to reconsider your current booking process and explore other systems that can make your life a lot easier.

Advantages of Tour Operator Reservations System

Get Direct Tour Bookings Any Time

Tour booking software enables your potential guests to make a booking anytime, from anywhere and boosts your revenue. An online reservation system breaks language and payment barriers and helps you reach travellers worldwide with its multi-language and multi-payment options. 

When guests decide to reserve their spot for your tours, they can go to your website, check the availability via the online booking system, book tickets, and make payment—everything in a few clicks! Whenever the reservation is made, the system automatically gets updated and avoids the risk of overbooking.

Distribute Your Tours Efficiently

Distributing tours and activities through OTAs and other networks is a proven strategy to reach enthusiastic travellers globally. However, managing various sales channels and calculating the commission can often be a headache for tour operators.

Tour booking software can simplify the process for you. It has a centralized system to oversee all your sales channels and manage your bookings. The online booking system is equipped with a Channel Manager, and it enables tour operators to administer the reseller channels. And best of all, commissions and payouts are automated. No more struggle with excel formulas!

Upsell More

Is it tough to convince customers over the phone or email to add another tour or product to their existing bookings? A tour booking system makes it easy for you by promoting other tours, activities, or products to guests when they are ready to check out. 

The tour booking software displays information about relevant tour add-ons at the check-out stage. At the last stage of purchase, customers might be more tempted to enhance their experience by adding additional tours to their cart. It eventually boosts the average booking value and increases your revenue.

Use Marketing Tools To Increase Revenue

Online booking software has built-in tools like promo codes and gift cards that can be used for marketing and promotions. These tools can drive more revenue during the low season.

Besides the built-in tools, tour booking software has third-party integrations such as payment gateways, digital waivers and marketing platforms, to name a few. They can help you enhance your customer experience, boost your brand, and make tours popular.

Measure Your Success

Tour operator software comes with built-in reporting capabilities to give insights into various aspects of your business. Without breaking a sweat, get an in-depth analysis of total revenue or booking volume. Having a good grasp on your sales performance powers you to make an informed decision and create a game plan for the next season. 

The reporting feature of an online booking system comes in handy when you analyze your promo codes or gift cards campaigns. You will have the metrics and analytics from the previous campaign to effectively strategize the next marketing campaign.

Wrapping Up

An online reservation system is not just for big tourism operators. Even small tour operators or those with a small team benefit from using an online booking system. It powers you to manage your resources efficiently with reduced admin costs. And more importantly, it helps you supercharge your bookings and revenue. 

Did we pique your curiosity? Discover more about our tour booking software and get a demo specific to your business.

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