Frequently Asked Questions About Zaui Online Reservation Management System


September 8, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions From Tour And Activity Operators

❓How do I know if Zaui Online Reservation Management System is the right fit for my business?

Our team always begins with a discovery call to understand your business and your unique business needs. If we believe our reservation software can successfully meet your requirements, we will move to the next step. The demo will be tailored to your business so that you can understand how our system works in your business operations. And then, it’s up to you to decide whether to adopt the Zaui system or not!

Does my team need to be tech experts in the booking system?

Zaui Online Reservation Management System is straightforward and simple to use. After the training we provide, navigating the system should be easy for you and your team. Do not worry if you need help because our support team is always available.

❓My company doesn’t have a website yet, will I be able to use the system?

You may use Zaui booking software without a website. However, it is always best to have a website to advertise your products and enable organic sales. 

❓Can other operators or agencies resell our tours?

Yes! Zaui system connects you to our network of third-party resellers and the online travel agency (OTA) marketplace. If you enable Zaui Connect, you can resell your tours among other Zaui users too, with ease. 

❓What are the OTAs you have a connection with?

Zaui has API connectivity with leading OTAs such as Expedia, Viator, Tripadvisor, Klook GetYourGuide and more. You can see the complete list of OTA integrations here.

❓What is a Channel Manager?

Channel Manager is a tool that connects the booking system with online travel agencies and your supplier network. It allows you to define and control your relationships with resellers. It also helps you access your inventory across all sales channels in real time.

❓What are the payment gateways available in your system?

Zaui Online Reservation Management System offers several payment gateways, enabling tour, activity, and attraction operators to accept guest payments from anywhere in the world. You are free to choose a payment solution that’s apt for your business. Here is the list of payment gateways that are compatible with Zaui.  

❓Can I send messages or emails to the customers who made a booking?

Yes, you can. Whether it is a booking confirmation email, a pre-trip email, last-minute service changes notifications or an SMS, we can do it all! Even better, you can automate these notifications for your customers. 

❓Can the customer make changes to their booking on their own?

Zaui’s Self Editable Booking tool allows your customers to make simple edits to their bookings online. It enables self-service for your customers and gives your staff more time to manage other parts of the business. 

❓Will I be able to create reports? Can I see the sales history?

Yes, we have tools for that—Zaui Insights, Report Templates, and Report Builder. 

Zaui Insights gives you a critical overview of your business performance. It gives you a glance into your three primary KPIs: Total Revenue, Total Bookings, and Total Customers.

For Enterprise customers, the Zaui Custom Report Builder allows you to customize reports and offer more flexibility. It can generate different combinations of data, going beyond the limitations of pre-built report templates. It means that you can create a report to see your sales history! 

You can save all the reports for future access and schedule them daily, weekly, monthly, or at a specific time. Also, you can send it to any number of recipients. 

We also have over 130+ report templates built into every Zaui system.

❓Can the system help me use promo codes for marketing?

You can! Zaui Online Reservation Management System can help your promo code campaign in several ways. You can configure rules and settings on booking software to automatically generate a promo code when a guest makes a booking. It also lets you customize promo codes for specific activities or categories. You can decide the duration of promotions and the date range for booking. 

Your guests can quickly redeem promo codes when they book through your website. Also, your staff can apply promo codes through Zaui back office.

❓Can the booking engine translate the content into a different language?

Yes, it can. The Zaui reservation system enables tour and activity operators to sell their products online in more than fifteen languages, including Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian.

❓Is there a limit on how many users/staff accounts I can have?

Zaui has no limits on the number of user accounts you can create!

❓Do you have support information online?

Our extensive Knowledge Base—a self-serve library of all things Zaui is available 24/7! It has more product knowledge tools and resources, providing valuable Zaui knowledge. You can find answers to frequently asked questions, access guides and video tutorials, and gain deeper insight into ongoing improvements and fixes to the Zaui system.

You can access Knowledge Base from the Zaui back office or the Zaui website. 

❓Do you offer training?

We have created a simple and seamless onboarding experience for our customers. Our onboarding team can set up your system and train your team. During the onboarding process, convey your operational and business requirements so the team can configure them accordingly.

❓Who do I contact if I have a problem?

You can always count on our customer support team. Submit a support ticket, and the team (they are fast and friendly) will be happy to help you!

❓How long has Zaui been in operation?

Zaui is one of the longest-standing online reservation systems in the industry. The first version of Zaui Software goes back to 1999 when Kory Fawcett, our founder and CEO, developed a software solution to help operators manage tours and routes effectively. Since then, Zaui has evolved and grown, expanding our product suite to meet the ever-changing needs of the tourism industry. 

❓How do you pronounce Zaui?

We get that question a lot 🙂! It’s pronounced zow-ee.

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