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January 3, 2024

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Best Tour Operator Software in 2024

If you’re seeking an All-In-One solution for your booking needs, consider Zaui Booking Software. Zaui is an online booking software designed for tours, activities, transportation, and rentals. Regardless of your business type – whether it’s walking tours, Fleet Management, or beyond – Zaui offers a comprehensive set of features to meet all your requirements and more.

Are you planning to adopt reservation software for your tour and activity business in 2024, or are you exploring alternatives to your current booking system? You’ve come to the right place. 

Zaui stands as one of the longest-standing booking systems, boasting over two decades of experience and evolution. Specifically designed for tours, activities, Transportations  and attractions of all sizes – catering to everyone from tourpreneurs and small mom-and-pop shops to thriving enterprises – Zaui takes pride in offering a versatile solution. With centralized operations management and a robust booking engine, Zaui is poised to simplify your business operations. But that’s not all – Zaui comes equipped with the right tools to not only streamline your processes but also enhance your revenue generation capabilities. 

Must-Have Features in your Tour Booking Software in 2024

Here, we provide a quick rundown of Tour Management Software feature highlights. If you want to learn more about them, contact our team today. Feel free to ask your questions and assess whether Zaui’s reservation software is the perfect fit for your tour and activity business. Email us at

Channel Manager: Helps you Expand Your Reach and Increase your Bookings 

Zaui’s booking system has a powerful Channel Manager, allowing operators to tap into various sales channels seamlessly. Whether it’s Online Travel Agency (OTAs), hotel concierges, or local tour operators’ networks, Zaui streamlines the process, reducing the complexities of reselling and providing a seamless customer relationship management. 

The Channel Manager within Zaui enables operators to set rules for each distribution channel, avoiding double bookings and ensuring a smooth transaction process. Commissions and payouts are automated, simplifying financial transactions with partners.

Dynamic Pricing: Craft Profitable Revenue Enhancing Pricing Strategies 

Real-Time Adjustments: Zaui’s Dynamic Pricing toolkit empowers operators to adapt pricing strategies in real-time. From category-based adjustments to seasonal fluctuations and group discounts, the system allows customization based on various parameters.

Zaui Dynamic Pricing tool-kit is one of the advanced Dynamic Pricing features you will find in a travel software. It helps you create multiple rules based on parameters such as travel day, service type, or public holidays and many more parameters. The system is highly user-friendly and customizable, ensuring operators can swiftly respond to changing market dynamics and fine-tune pricing strategies accordingly.

Google Things to do: Outrank Popular OTAs and Increase Direct Bookings

Zaui takes pride in being Google’s official partner for ‘Things to do.’ This partnership provides operators with premium exposure, increased traffic, and direct bookings through Google, giving them a competitive edge against OTAs like TripAdvisor and Viator.

Zaui’s advanced integration allows you to showcase Offerings offerings directly on Google, securing Official Site and enhancing profit margins. Learn more. 

Destination Marketing Tools: Helps you Increase In-Destination Bookings

Zaui’s enterprise-grade features connect destination marketing organizations, destination management companies, and tourism boards with local tour and transport partners. This fosters community engagement and drives tourism. The ‘Zaui Connect’ Features facilitates the creation of an interconnected ecosystem of local tourism partners and resellers, attracting more visitors and boosting regional sales.

Unlimited Agent Logins: Simplifying Partnerships 

Zaui eliminates the hassle of traditional phone calls and paperwork associated with travel agent partnerships. The system offers three convenient booking methods for agents—through Zaui Core, Online Agent Login, and Agent Affiliate Link. By automating the booking process, Zaui ensures that agents can provide instant booking confirmations and complete the process swiftly, enhancing efficiency and reducing the administrative burden on operators.

Pricing Comparison Guide for Choosing a Tour Operator Software

Choosing the right tour booking software involves considering various factors, with pricing being a significant consideration. The pricing models vary across different companies, and understanding the nuances can impact the overall cost for operators. Here’s a glimpse at some of the pricing models and a comparison guide designed by Arival to aid in decision-making:

Fees per Booking Model:

CompanyWebsite Booking FeeBooking Fee for Other ChannelsPayment + Processing FeeOne-Time Setup FeeLearn More
Anchor4%Learn More
Checkfront3%n/aNot includedLearn More
Rezdy3%85¢Not includedLearn More
Rezgo4.9%0.90%Not includedLearn More
RocketRez2.5%2.5%Sometimes****Learn More
Singenuity3-4%Not includedLearn More
TicketingHub3%Learn More
Travelotopos3%1.5%Not included250€Learn More
TrekkSoft5%3% / €0.552.5% + €0.50Learn More
TripAdmit5.9%0%NoLearn More
TripWorks5.0%2-5%2.9% + 30¢NoLearn More
Xola3-6%1.9% + 30¢N/A
Zaui6%Not includedMay applyLearn More

Subscription Models:

CompanyMonthly Fee (starts at)Website Booking Fee (starts at)Booking Fee Other ChannelsPayment Processing FeeTicket FeeLearn More
Bokun$491.5%1.5%Learn More
Bookeo$40Learn More
Bookingkit€493.0%3%€0.60Learn More
Checkfront$12575¢ (offline)Not included
GlobalTix$391.5%Learn More
Regiondo€992.5% & 49¢49¢Not included€0.49Learn More
Rezdy$991.90%85¢Not includedLearn More
RocketRezCustom2.5%2.50%Learn More
TourCMS (Palisis)$492.9%Learn More
TrekkSoft€117.003%2.5% / €0.552.5% + €0.25Learn More
TripAdmit€9.995%0%Learn More
ZauiFREE1.0 – 2.5%Not includedLearn More
Ventrata$525.002%2%Not includedLearn More

Most tour operator booking software companies have tiered subscription pricing. The starting prices generally include limited features. The higher tiers include more features, support more users and higher booking volume, and also lower transaction fees.

RocketRez contracts are a combination of per transaction and subscription model. Setup fees are sometimes included depending on the complexity of the project and custom work to be done.

TrekkSoft charges 3% for OTA bookings and €0.55 for offline bookings per transaction.

Ventrata’s pricing is custom based on volume, and the mentioned price is the starting point.

Why Zaui’s Pricing Model Stands Out

In the complex landscape of tour operator software pricing, Zaui shines through with a pricing model that is both easy to understand and flexible. Zaui prioritizes providing value to its customers, ensuring that operators, both big and small, can benefit from its advanced features without additional fees. Let’s explore why Zaui’s pricing model makes it one of the most cost-effective and advanced solutions in the market.

The feature-rich platform offers a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse needs of any travel business, encompassing dynamic pricing strategies to seamless channel management. With a commitment to driving more bookings and a transparent pricing model, Zaui’s pricing structure is currently one of the most flexible, designed to support businesses in boosting sales. It includes sophisticated tools such as Dynamic Pricing and Google Things to do. Additionally, Zaui provides access to 15+ advanced features, a notable distinction as many tour booking platforms typically charge extra or require plan upgrades for additional agent logins and users – features that Zaui includes at no additional cost. Here’s what Zaui’s Pricing Plan looks like: 

Zaui Pricing Plan

What to Expect in 2024?

This year, Zaui is fully committed to enhancing the user experience for its customers, focusing on providing support to utilize advanced features that can significantly boost sales and profitability. As a versatile booking software, Zaui takes customization to a new level, empowering tour operators to increase direct bookings, maximize profitability, craft sophisticated dynamic pricing strategies, enhance visibility, and outperform Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) on popular search engines.

To further assist customers in making the most of Zaui’s advanced booking engine, we’ve launched Zaui best practices guides, and our dedicated customer success team is geared up to provide comprehensive support. You won’t feel abandoned; our team is here to guide you through every step.

Zaui’s extensive marketplace features over 80 integrations, and to ensure seamless adaptability to these integrations, we’ve introduced a webinar series. This series is designed to help customers understand the value these integrations bring to their travel business, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to outshine their competition while saving on operational costs. Feel free to register for our next webinar and reach out to us if you have any questions or need access to any webinar recordings.


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