Looking Back at 2022 and Forward to 2023!


December 20, 2022

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Here we are, wrapping up 2022! 

Zaui is proud and happy to keep supporting the tour and transport operators community, providing them with the tools needed to grow their business and elevate the customer experience. As we begin our countdown to a new year, we want to reflect on 2022.

We at Zaui always strive to update our features to make it the best online reservation system for tour and activity operators. 2022 was no different. Here is a recap of what we did in 2022. 

2022 Feature Updates 🚀

Custom Report Builder: We enhanced our reporting feature by giving our customers more flexibility to build their reports the way they want. The custom Report Builder generates different combinations of data tailored to their unique needs, going beyond the limitations of pre-built report templates. It also lets tour and activity operators schedule a report daily, weekly, monthly, or at a specific time and send it to any number of recipients.

Google Things to do availability: Remember Google sunsetting Reserve with Google in 2021 and introducing Google Things to do? With Zaui enabling seamless integration with Google Things to do, it was easy for operators to make the transition. As potential guests discover our customers’ tours and activities on Google Things to do, they will be directed to book via a special link to the Zaui online booking engine (OBE). 

We also equipped our system to add a Point of Interest (a location of touristic interest near your tour operation or a location that may be encountered while on tour) to each activity. By doing so, their tour or activity will be presented as an option for people browsing one of these locations in Google Things to do. 

Day-of-the-week pricing for activities: The latest pricing feature allows tour and activity operators to set different prices for weekends and weekdays on the Zaui system easily (without promo codes). The new feature enabled tour operators to adjust pricing based on demand and set different rates for high-demand weekends and low-volume weekdays.

2022 Integrations 💪

Vox City Walks: Zaui integrated with Vox City Walks, an entirely new, technology-driven network of hop-on, hop-off guided walking tours. The integration enabled Zaui customers to effortlessly connect their online booking system with the fastest-growing franchise opportunity in the tours and activities sector. It allowed them to combine Vox City Walk sightseeing experiences with their tours and activities, offering a unique package for your guests.

Flutterrwave: Zaui integrated with Flutterwave, one of the prominent payment systems in Africa. Flutterwave currently operates in 33 African countries, enabling our customers in Africa to receive payments from anywhere in the world.

TOMIS: The integration allows Zaui customers to use the innovative marketing software and service provided by TOMIS and grow their businesses. Zaui-TOMIS integration helps the customers make a connection between the two platforms. The link makes it possible for operators to share any information they need for their marketing initiatives on TOMIS.

Wherewolf: When guests make a booking, Zaui-Wherewolf integration automatically populates customers’ booking information and enables you to send your guests an electronic waiver via email automatically for completion prior to arrival. The digital tour waiver system helps tour operators streamline the arrival process and speed up check-in. You can also provide tablets at your location to complete the waiver on the day of their tour. 

Looking Ahead

Zauians are buckled down to help the tourism economy rebuild and recover. We are forever grateful for our customers who believed in us to be a part of their journey of delivering memorable experiences to their guests.

All of us at Zaui want to thank tour, activity, and transport operators for your support and wish you the best this holiday season and New Year. We will keep our commitment to making reservations easy so that your businesses get the best results. Here’s to a bright 2023!🌟

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If you are not yet ready for a demo and still have plenty of questions about choosing the best online booking system for your tour and activity business, download our Buyers Guide. we have covered everything you need to know—from questions you must ask when shopping for booking software to the must-have features of tour booking software.

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