An Activity in Zaui refers to a tour, event, or service with a defined schedule. Activities can be purchased by customers as a ticket, space, or timeslot on a particular date or time.

Standard Activity

An activity that happens one time per day. This activity type allows for equipment and guide assignments. E.g. City Tour, Whale Watching Excursion, and 3-Day Hiking Trip

Custom Activity

An activity that occurs one time per day, in which a unique link is created. The activity cannot be booked online without access to the unique link. E.g. City Tour offered to Conference attendees.

Interval Activity

An activity that occurs multiple times per day at set interval times. This activity type does not allow for equipment assignment. E.g. Zipline Adventure, Ropes Course, Wine Tasting

Point to Point

A transportation service that takes passengers on a scheduled route of points. E.g. Airport Shuttle, Ferry Service, Intercity Transportation.


An activity that calculates the price based on the length of time with a piece of equipment. E.g. Ski Rental, ATV Rental, Boat Charter


An activity that allows for bar code upload and scanning capabilities. E.g. Hop On Hop Off Bus, Museum Admission, Film Festival Admission.

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