Zaui Suppliers Can Now Connect to Musement!


May 26, 2017

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What is Musement?

Musement is an Online Travel Agency (OTA) with pioneering technology that allows guests to discover and book in-destination activities. The Musement website is primarily used for trip planning and placing advance bookings while their innovative app allows guests to “hack the city” while on-the-go with hints and tips from local experts.

Musement is the newest sales channel for Zaui customers to set up a direct connection and start receiving bookings automatically. Suppliers can set rules to control the inventory they make available, limit when bookings can be created, edited, and cancelled; all the while expanding the reach of customers already looking for their tours.

Musement is currently available in 55 countries and 450 destination cities, with 50,000 active users making bookings through the Musement Platform. Its strongest markets are Italy, France, USA, Germany and Spain. The app is available on iPhone and Android.

Musement joins Viator, Veltra and others as Zaui Software’s latest OTA integration


Reasons Customers Book Through OTA’s

While there is a commission fee for bookings, the advantages of OTA’s certainly outweigh the costs. Suppliers can access a completely new pool of customers that otherwise would not have found them.

A few of the main reasons why customers will book through an OTA:

  1. Tourists travelling to a country for the first time are more likely to start their search with an Online Travel Agency:
      • Here, they can read unbiased reviews (often by travellers from their own country) before making the trip, providing increased confidence in their bookings.
      • OTAs have requirements and quality standards for the suppliers they list that provides a level of trust for customers.
  2. OTA’s offer package deals that are combined with other suppliers that otherwise would not be combined with your tours and activities.
  3. Customers can see everything in one place. While you may not be thrilled about being listed next to your competitors, guests will discover you on the OTA platform and often come to book directly on your site. There is a common perception that the most accurate information for availability and pricing is often directly through the supplier.

Tourism operators are realizing the massive benefits of connecting with Online Travel Agencies like Viator, Expedia, Musement, and many others. Read more about Online Resellers (OTA’s) on the Zaui blog.

More Selling Opportunities

Direct selling connections are also available in your local ecosystem through Zaui Connect. Zaui Connect is similar to the sales channels connecting Suppliers to OTA’s. However, it works to connect Supplier to Supplier (a peer to peer network cross-selling each other). Through real-time inventory management and channel manager settings, bookings can be made directly into other Zaui customers where a direct connection has been established between partners. Read more about the massive opportunity of connecting to your local ecosystem with Zaui Connect and start automatically cross-selling today.

Sell Your Tours on the World’s Largest Marketplaces

Setting up is simple. Start selling your tours and activities through online travel agencies like Musement, Viator, and Expedia today by contacting us at

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