Zaui’s Dynamic Pricing Toolkit for Tours, Activities and Experiences: Start Optimizing Revenue


November 23, 2023

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Zaui’s Dynamic Pricing Toolkit for Tours, Activities and Experiences

Zaui has Dynamic Pricing features already available for the tour and activity businesses. We commonly see dynamic pricing used in airline tickets, hotels, ride-sharing services, and e-commerce stores. This model equips businesses to update pricing in real-time based on rulesets and parameters. Zaui has successfully implemented the dynamic pricing feature. This development marks a significant shift in revenue management strategies for businesses offering tours, activities, and experiences.

By providing operators the ability to dynamically adjust ticket prices based on factors such as lead time and available spots, the dynamic pricing features can help higher profits and optimize revenue management. Throughout its history, Zaui has consistently led the way in tourism technology, constantly evolving and introducing advanced features like Google Things to do Integration, Channel Manager, Advanced Reporting, etc. The dynamic pricing feature is the latest addition to this impressive repertoire.

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CEO’s Vision for Industry Evolution

Zaui’s CEO, Kory Fawcett, sees dynamic pricing as an essential evolution within the industry. This strategic move aligns with the changing landscape and offers operators the opportunity to reimagine their revenue management approaches. The dynamic pricing feature presents a flexible and responsive strategy that promises enhanced yield and competitiveness.

Drawing Insights from Diverse Sectors

Taking cues from industries that have successfully adopted dynamic pricing, such as hotels, Zaui is one of the first few Tour Management Solutions to introduce Dynamic Pricing for its customers. While the sector has its unique challenges, the insights from other industries—like the role of revenue managers in hotels—can be adapted to suit tour operators’ needs. Advanced solutions like dynamic pricing can help both large and small operators to navigate the competitive landscape effectively.

With over two decades of experience, Zaui has built a comprehensive platform that supports diverse business operations, making it a reliable choice for businesses globally.

Dynamic Pricing Features Overview: How does it work and what does it look like?

Zaui’s Dynamic Pricing functionalities are designed to provide operators with maximum control and customization. Here’s what it looks like:

Zaui Dynamic Pricing

1. Dynamic Pricing Ruleset

Zaui simplifies the configuration of dynamic pricing rules. Operators can create multiple rules based on a range of parameters, such as travel day, month, date, service type, seat type, occupancy rate, lead time, public holidays, and more. These rules can be fine-tuned to  reflect the desired premium or discount. Imagine getting more revenue from your most popular departures or encouraging guests to take tours with more open spots.

2. Surcharges and Limits

Zaui goes beyond simple pricing adjustments. It allows for the integration of surcharges and the setting of price limits. For instance, a surcharge can be added for specific purchase locations, and price limits can be defined to maintain pricing control. Time-based constraints can also be applied to ensure pricing remains within desired boundaries.

3. User-Friendly and Highly Customizable

Zaui places user-friendliness and adaptability at the forefront. Operators can effortlessly duplicate rulesets, making adjustments and adaptations a breeze. This empowers businesses to swiftly respond to changing market dynamics and fine-tune their pricing strategies.

Crafting Dynamic Pricing Strategies with Zaui

Let’s dive into Zaui’s dynamic pricing capabilities and explore how they can transform the way tour and activity operators manage their pricing structures.

Zaui’s Dynamic Pricing functionalities provide a comprehensive toolkit for crafting pricing strategies that respond to a variety of factors. Here are a few examples of what  Zaui’s Dynamic Pricing can offer:

Seasonal and Special Event Pricing

Peak seasons and special events are opportunities for increased business, and Zaui enables operators to adjust prices to capture the added value these times offer. Perhaps activities should be more expensive near big holidays or a discount to attract visitors in town for a festival.

Early Bird Discounts

Drive early cash flow and incentivize early bookings by offering discounts for customers who book well in advance. Picture this: A traveler plans ahead and books their dream adventure months in advance. With Zaui, businesses can incentivize such early birds by offering discounts for advance bookings. This not only encourages customers to commit early but also helps operators manage their booking pipeline more effectively.

Demand Based Bookings

Flexibility is key. Zaui allows businesses to adjust prices based on the number of tickets booked for a specific departure or day. As bookings increase, prices can be tailored to reflect the demand, ensuring optimal revenue generation. Earn more revenue on days with the highest demand or encourage guests with discounts to join on less-busy departures.

Different Prices for Different Days 

Weekends vs. weekdays, early morning vs. midday — these variations in demand can now be addressed seamlessly with Zaui’s Dynamic Pricing. Operators can set different prices for different days of the week, optimizing revenue and capacity utilization.

Last-Minute Window Pricing

For spontaneous travellers, last-minute pricing adjustments can encourage on-the-fly bookings. By raising prices for last-minute reservations, operators can capitalize on the urgency factor.

Channel-Based Pricing

Segment pricing based on the booking channel. Whether it’s walk-ins, online platforms, phone bookings, or third-party OTAs, Dynamic pricing allows for tailored pricing strategies to cater to different customer segments.

Time of Day Pricing

If you have fixed inventory, optimizing resource utilization becomes crucial. With Zaui, operators can charge less during off-peak times and increase prices during popular time slots, ensuring a balanced utilization of resources.

In the fast-paced world of tours and activities, Zaui’s Dynamic Pricing functionalities emerge as a powerful tool for revenue optimization and customer engagement. By embracing these features, operators can adapt to market changes, incentivize desired customer behaviours, and ultimately thrive in the competitive landscape. As the travel industry continues to evolve, Zaui stands as a reliable partner in the journey to success through dynamic and strategic pricing.

Final Word

In conclusion, Zaui’s advanced features and functionalities, especially its dynamic pricing capabilities, are a testament to the platform’s commitment to empowering tour and activity operators with the tools they need to succeed in a dynamic market. Whether it’s adjusting prices based on booking windows, managing demand fluctuations, tailoring prices for different days and times, or implementing various pricing strategies, Zaui’s intuitive and customizable approach is set to redefine how businesses approach pricing strategies. By leveraging the Dynamic Pricing features, operators can optimize their revenue, enhance customer engagement, and secure a competitive edge in the industry. 




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