How Transportation & Shuttle Companies can use Zaui POS while on the Go


March 2, 2018

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At first glance, running a shuttle operation appears to be straightforward:

Pick people up somewhere then drop them off somewhere else. The reality is that juggling staff, vehicle and passenger scheduling every day could be an Olympic sport! Zaui Software’s point-to-point software designed specifically for scheduled transportation services provides a cure for the headache. And since transportation companies are literally on the go, we built technology that you can take along with you.

The Zaui P.O.S app features custom-built functionality for transportation and airport shuttle operators. Here are some highlights:

Specific workflow for quick and easy point-to-point bookings:

  • Enter custom pick-up/drop-off locations
  • Enter customer flight details
  • Round trip or one-way trip option
  • Auto-email customer receipts
  • Easy payments with cash screen, integrated credit card swiper
  • Ticket and receipt printing
  • Live connection to your Zaui back office system for real-time inventory

Passenger manifests:

  • Driver login to view the specific manifests for the routes they have been assigned to
  • View all passengers on the entire day’s manifest
  • Manifest sorting by pick-up/drop off location, name, balance owing and check-in status
  • Swipe or scan customer QR Code to check in passengers
  • On-screen prompt to collect payment for outstanding balances

Booking modifications:

  • Make edits to bookings and transfer guests to different dates or times
  • Cancel bookings
  • Give discounts and refunds or partial refunds
  • Look up and load customer bookings into the cart to add new items to their order

Other features:

  • Passenger look-up
  • Daily transaction Z-report for driver cash out
  • Option for guests to add a gratuity 

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The Zaui POS and Mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS devices and are included as part of your Zaui subscription. Learn more and download the latest versions below.

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