4 Ways Tour Operators can Benefit by Selling Gift Cards


December 7, 2016

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Happy Holidays!

We are in the midst of the holiday season, we want to draw your attention to a powerful source of revenue tour and activity operators should be utilizing at this time of the year: Gift Cards!

Gift cards and certificates now top the list of most requested holiday gifts nine years in a row according to a cashstar.com survey. They are popular because they allow the recipient to select their own gift. Moreover, they are easier and faster for the purchaser than buying a traditional gift. Giving gift cards rather than stuff has become increasingly popular, especially among younger people. Well, that’s good news for the experience industry!

4 Ways Tour and Activity Operators Benefit from Offering Gift Cards

  1. Promote tours on social media: Promote your experience as a great gift on your social media channels. It in fact gives you an opportunity to talk about your company and its products. Consider running a campaign where people can enter a draw to win a free tour or experience.
  2. Attract new customers: The recipient of a gift card may not have experienced your company before. So, the gift card brings you a new customer. It’s not just that. If they enjoy their experience, they may well be back in the future. They may even recommend your tours and experiences to their friends and family too.
  3. Add a revenue source for low season: AKA the time value of money. Gift certificates offer a great way to boost cash flow, particularly for tour companies in their quiet season. Gift card sales over the holiday season can provide a buffer until the new year when people start booking their spring and summer vacations and experiences. Additionally, it is common for gift cards to generate more revenue than the face value–for example, if the recipient invites another person or upgrades their tour.
  4. Gain from lost or forgotten gift certificates: While this is more of a side-benefit, it is nonetheless noteworthy. Not all gift certificates that are sold will be redeemed, proving an easy source of revenue.

Simple Ways For Marketing and Distributing Gift Certificates

  1. Email marketing: Leverage your mailing list. Send an attractive e-newsletter to previous customers, who may decide to give the gift of your experience to one of their loved ones.
  2. Website: For the holiday season, highlight that you sell gift certificates through your website, with a clear call to action on how to purchase gift certificates online.
  3. Social media: Advertise via your social media channels through ads, promos and posts, as well as via traditional media in your local market, if applicable.
  4. Gift card websites: Extend your reach by distributing your experience on gift card websites such as Cloud 9, Living, Truly Experiences, TicketMates or Breakaway Experiences.

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