8 Reasons to become a Civitatis Supplier – Leading OTA in the Spanish Speaking Market 


October 17, 2023

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8 Reasons to become a Civitatis supplier – The Leading OTA in the Spanish Speaking Market 

If you are a tour operator looking to promote your tours to a wider audience and reach more customers through partnerships with OTAs, it is worth exploring the opportunities that each Online Travel Agency (OTA) can offer your business. This is a crucial aspect of your revenue management. Now, let’s discuss Civitatis, including the unique opportunities it presents and how to gain maximum benefit from these opportunities.

What is Civitatis ? 

Civitatis is the leading Online Travel Agency (OTA) in the Spanish-speaking market, specializing in guided tours, excursions, attractions, and activities in major global destinations. With over 80,000 activities available across 3,500 destinations in more than 140 countries, Civitatis serves millions of travellers who make reservations through their platform. If you use Zaui, you can effortlessly expand your tour distribution by listing your tours on Civitatis via Zaui’s Marketplace. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to our knowledge base article.

If you already have your tours and activities listed on other OTAs, such as Get Your Guide and Viator, you might wonder why partnering with Civitatis is advantageous. Let’s explore the benefits of collaborating with Civitatis.

What are the Advantages of Selling your Travel Activities on Civitatis?

Why should you choose Civitatis as a selling channel for your offers? Let’s explore the numerous advantages and unique opportunities it offers:

1. Increased Visibility in the Niche Market

With over 500 million Spanish-speaking people worldwide, Spanish is the second most spoken native language, following Mandarin Chinese. By partnering with Civitatis, the leading company in Spanish speaking market you gain enhanced visibility in the niche market. You don’t need to offer your activity in Spanish to benefit from the greater reach Civitatis offers.

2. Achieve Higher Organic Rankings 

Civitatis is one of the top-ranking websites on search engines for numerous high-volume and high-intent keywords. By partnering with Civitatis, you can save on your marketing budget while increasing your visibility through Civitatis website visitors and its organic search rankings.

3. Exclusivity

Imagine being the sole supplier for an activity in a destination! This is precisely what distinguishes Civitatis from its competitors. Civitatis carefully selects its partners, ensuring that no two suppliers offer the same product. Therefore, if your business is featured on Civitatis, you enjoy exclusive visibility which is not easily  attainable with other OTAs.

4. Enhanced Reach

Civitatis is a prominent leader in the Spanish-speaking market, but it is not limited to Spanish speakers alone. The website is also available in Chinese, English, French, and Italian, which means it has an extensive marketing reach that you can leverage; even if your activities are only offered in English. 

5. Control Over Strategy

With Civitatis you can have  complete control over which offers you want to promote and test out different packages and pricing to optimize your offers. You can simply select the offers relevant to Civitatis target market and craft your strategy around it. 

6. Customer Support

Civitatis provides 24/7 customer support and enables you to update your inventory in real time. You can efficiently manage and modify your listings with their excellent customer support.

7. No Time Obligation

There are no minimum obligations in their general conditions to remain partners with Civitatis. Suppliers can come and go as they please. This is another reason why you should consider partnering with Civitatis; there are no downsides or obligations when testing how it works for your business.

8. Additional Marketing Support 

Civitatis allocates a good budget for its online marketing, providing partners with increased visibility for their tours and activity listings without requiring a substantial financial commitment. Simply relax and let the Civitatis team handle your marketing needs and sell your tickets for you.

How to become a Civitatis supplier?

Becoming a Civitatis supplier can be a bit complex if your Tour Booking Software isn’t already integrated with Civitatis. If you don’t have a reservation technology provider, Zaui provides a direct connection to Civitatis online marketplace. Consult one of our Zaui experts to determine if Zaui might be the right fit for you. If you already use a booking software, reach out to their customer success team to help you set up as a Civitatis supplier. 

It is highly recommended to partner with a system that already integrates with Civitatis. In simple terms, this choice will significantly simplify your operations. For example, by using Zaui as your booking system partner, you can efficiently manage your inventory from your Back Office, including distribution through major OTAs like Civitatis. Zaui offers a streamlined process to set you up as a Civitatis supplier, backed by a dedicated customer success team and an extensive knowledge base of support articles to assist you throughout your journey.

If you’re new to a booking system or considering switching to a feature-rich platform like Zaui, schedule a personalized demo today. You won’t be disappointed!


How to Easily Manage Your OTA Connections?

If you’re hesitating to become a supplier for Civitatis due to concerns about the added workload involved in managing your products across multiple OTAs, consider the wise choice of implementing a Channel Manager system. This solution streamlines your operations, minimizes the risk of scheduling errors like overbookings and underbookings, and simplifies the cumbersome task of overseeing availability and resource management for managing multiple OTAs. With real-time updates, a Channel Manager ensures that you can make the most of your distribution, thanks to intelligent algorithms working to your advantage.

 Another essential aspect of your distribution strategy is your focus on increasing direct bookings. While you work on selling more bookings through popular OTAs, it is possible to overlook the importance of securing commission-free direct bookings on your website. While distributing products through major OTAs is necessary, it’s equally vital to enhance your brand awareness and visibility via direct bookings. If you are seeking ways to achieve this, Zaui offers advanced integration with Google Things to do, which can help you attain an official site badge and boost your visibility on Google surfaces.


In summary, product distribution is a crucial component of your revenue generation strategy. It is strongly recommended by Zaui experts to have a well-managed strategy for online distribution in your business. Civitatis is a significant player in the OTA world, offering numerous advantages worth exploring. Without proper distribution management, you may miss out on significant revenue opportunities. If you are seeking ways to streamline your distribution, consider booking a demo with Zaui to explore their Channel Manager and OTA integrations,it can help you sell your tours more efficiently.



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