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Zaui Software 2016 : The Year in Review

Zaui Software 2016 : The Year in Review

2016 was a fantastic year at Zaui Software. We released a ton of new features, made system improvements, implemented new programs and had a whole lot of fun doing it! At Zaui Sofware, we strive to deliver leading-edge technology, driven both by industry trends and customer requests.

Here is a glance back at what happened at Zaui this year.



The Basic Stats:


  • 52 releases. Deployed worldwide every week
  • 200+ New features
  • 25 P.O.S/Mobile app specific features
  • 5 New payment gateways
  • 2,000+ Tickets resolved
  • 65 Real-time hot fixes
  • 6,500 Cups of coffee
  • 6 New team members
  • 1 New office


Below we highlight our biggest features:

Other new features of note include:


Email Notifications

Types of email to send tour and activity customers

What: Customizable booking notifications, new email templates, scheduled pre and post tour notifications and SMS messages.

Zaui P.O.S & Mobile apps

What: New Gold-Standard features: Manifest sorting, transfers, refunds, transportation-specific workflow and more.

Scheduled Transportation


What: Quick and easy point-to-point bookings, flight filtering, manifest sorting, passenger transfers and more.

Online Gift Certificates

Online Gift Certificates now available in Zaui!

What: Sell gift certificates online, delivered hands-free into the hands of the purchaser or recipient of the gift.

We look forward to bringing you more innovative and exciting features in 2017.

Stay Tuned!