Zaui Software POS and iPhone Hardware

Zaui Software Mobile and POS apps are integrated with the following hardware:


Credit Card Swipers

UniMag II Two-Track Audio Jack Reader

  • Magnetic stripe reader that communicates via the headphone jack
  • Encryption-capable magnetic stripe reader
  • Reads up to 2 tracks of card data
  • Save money by processing card-present transactions
  • Low battery consumption
Available for: POSMobile


iMag Pro II 8-pin

  • Encryption-capable magnetic stripe reader for Apple mobile devices.
  • Reads up to 3 tracks of card information with a single swipe in either direction.
  • Designed for comfort and mobility.
Available for: POSMobile
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iMAG Pro ii

Bluetooth Cash Drawer

APG BluePro 510

  • Wirelessly synchronize and transfer data between a mobile device and the cash drawer.
  • Device achieves proximity when the mobile device comes within range of the drawer.
  • Compatible with iPhones and iPads.
Available for: POSMobile

APG BluePro

Ticket Printer

Zebra iMZ220/iMZ320/ZQ510/ZQ520

  • Bluetooth, hip belt compatible compact printer for simple receipt printing.
  • iMZ220 supports 2-inch, iMZ320/ZQ510 supports 3-inch and ZQ520 supports 4-inch print width.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows smartphone and tablet Operating Systems.
Available for: POSMobile
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Receipt Printers

Star TSP650 II

  • Reliable and affordable, high-speed POS thermal printer.
  • 300mm second print speed.
  • Drop-In & Print” Paper Loading.
Available for: POSMobile
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Epson TM-T88V

    • Fast and reliable POS printer.
    • Easy to configure and install.
    • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.
    • Note: only Bluetooth model is compatible. LAN model is not supported.
    • Prints up to 300mm/sec.
Available for: POSMobile
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