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Zaui is the ultimate booking management toolkit for running your business and strategizing for the future.

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Reports and Analytics

Gain key insights into your business directly through Zaui

Our reporting suite is intuitive, easy to use and connects you with data to drive your business forward

  • Zaui Insights
  • Daily Reconciliation & Sales Reports (Earned and Unearned Revenues)
  • Activity and Merchandise Specific Reporting
  • Gift Card and Promo Code Reports
  • Commission Reports & Invoice/Wholesale Receipts

And More!


Integrate directly with the world’s easiest to use online booking and reservation system for tours, activities and transportation.

Zaui’s API can be used by tour and activity resellers to access Zaui’s live availability and create bookings for their partners in real-time.

If you are a reseller interested in connecting with Zaui’s API via OCTo Specification, head over to our API resources below.

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