Zaui Software-Back Office Update Screenshots | Zaui Software

A closer look at the new Zaui Back Office


Back Office Overview

The new face of Zaui!

Header Overview

Key changes include: Notifications box, active order cart colours, search box and last viewed items link.

We’ve also added a small delay for your drop down menus so they’ll no longer get in your way if you accidentally brush over them with your cursor. You’re welcome!

Notification alert box

Now more discreet, but still available: How we inform you of upcoming news and updates, new features and other important information.

Reservations search box

Now more compact and easier to use. Select the field you want to search by and type to search.

Last Viewed Items

Tidied up and out of the way – but still accessible! Select this panel to access the component in Zaui you most recently interacted with. For example, bookings, activities, price codes, notifications, portals.

Dashboard Overview

Dashboard View – Collapsed

Activity categories can be auto-expanded or collapsed (as before). Go to Products > Manage Activities > Categories to define.

Dashboard View – Expanded

1. Tab between open and closed activities

2. Activity icons now split into two categories: Information and Action. Activity type (Standard/Interval/Point-to-point etc). now indicated under info section.

3. Activity name and link to back office reservations now on leftmost side of the screen.

Workflow Queues

Tab between System Workflow queue and Private/Groups queues.

Interval Activity Dashboard

The Interval activity screen is also getting an update.

Back Office Bookings Overview

Activity Booking Screens

Our back office booking pages have also undergone a visual transformation. You will see all of the same fields you are used to with a updated design.


Scrolling down as you complete the booking, you will also see updated activity and passenger selection, commission options and pick up/drop off details.

Shopping Cart Contents

The newly designed cart contents overview page

Shopping Cart Overview

Reviewing the contents of your order, selecting payment type and processing your order

Customer Itinerary Page 

Redesigned Customer Itinerary page. Note that edit/print/email etc links have moved to the left hand panel.