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Harness Powerful Cross-Selling Opportunities with Zaui Connect

Harness Powerful Cross-Selling Opportunities with Zaui Connect

Through local cross-selling partnerships, suppliers sell kayaking trips to bike tour guests.

Putting the Power of Reselling in the Hands of Zaui Suppliers

Zaui Connect is a new way for Zaui suppliers to cross-sell in local marketplaces. It automates what used to be a complex manual operation that was performed on a case-by-case basis.

Kory Fawcett, Chief Technology Officer, Zaui

Kory Fawcett, CTO, Zaui Software

“We heard from our suppliers that they spend too many hours of manual time answering phone calls to check inventory on tours, and triage in-bound reservations from partner suppliers. So we listened,” says Kory Fawcett, Zaui’s Chief Technology Officer. “We created Zaui Connect to answer the demands of all suppliers who already cross-sell in their own local markets, an otherwise manual process, that is now fully automated through Zaui Connect.”

Zaui Connect provides the ability to check a local partner’s inventory availability in real-time and place a no-hassle booking through a peer-to-peer Channel Manager. Let’s get into it.


How Supplier Cross-Selling Used to Work

Cross-Selling is nothing new to the tourism industry. Local operators have been partnering to offer customers other local services to make additional revenue outside their product mix for years.

The pain has always been the manual nature of these selling relationships. A constant line of communication between suppliers is required (usually by phone). The moving target of booking availability, limits and boundaries between partners, commission structures, manual voucher counts and month end reconciliations posed major challenges. These are the headaches before you throw any customer curveballs like cancellations or booking changes.

On average, a booking received from a reseller that is manually processed by the supplier, after accounting for inventory checking, payment processing, and any amendments or cancellations will take 12.5 minutes of a staff member’s time. Many suppliers will receive 25% to 45% of their bookings through these types of channels.

Zaui Connect eliminates these operating expenses by removing the staff hours required to manage the reseller bookings and perform month end reconciliations. This results in increased efficiency, lower cost of customer acquisition, and more profit per booking.

How Zaui Connect Works

With Zaui Connect, all the manual lifting between cross-sellers is automated. The relationship parameters are ‘mapped’ between the suppliers (each supplier-to-supplier relationship has its own unique set parameters). The supplier that is now acting as a reseller can book, cancel, or amend the reservation also in real-time. If a customer wants to change their booking, the reservation can instantly be amended as outlined in the parameters (or partnership terms) controlled by the Zaui channel manager. All data entry is done automatically and the inventory yield is controlled by the mapped relationships.

Zaui Connect - Supplier Reseller Automation

A New Level of Peer-to-Peer Reseller Channel Management

OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) like Viator were previously the only third parties that enjoyed a level of sales automation with tourism suppliers. These resellers make bookings, handle commissions and process payments through a ‘vertical’ channel manager.

How Zaui Connect Works with Channel Managers Between Suppliers to Allow Easy Cross-Selling

Zaui Connect creates a new ‘horizontal’ level of channel management between suppliers that now can resell each other’s services using real-time booking tools and automated inventory management.

The integration of Zaui Connect is also ideal for DMO’s (Destination marketing Organizations), like Tourism Victoria, that require a Point-of-Sale solution in their Visitor Centre that connects in real-time to local tour, activity and transportation partners.

Welcome to the new world where relationships still matter. Only now, all the hard stuff is managed by your booking software.

Cross-sell with Zaui Connect

If you are ready to harness the power of automated cross-selling with a community of tourism partners, Zaui Connect might be the perfect fit for your business.

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