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Looking for a Zerve Alternative?

Looking for a Zerve Alternative?

On June 30 2016, Tnooz reports Zerve is Shutting Down!

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Coming at arguably the worst time, just before the July 4th long weekend, Zerve announces its immediate shutdown.

What’s Happening With Zerve?

On Thursday, Zerve announced it would be closing its doors after 13 years in the industry, and if you’re an existing customer, you would have received the notification personally.  Lacking in funding, Zerve will close its doors and shutdown its systems on July 8th 2016.

How long do you have to switch from Zerve?

Zerve will be shutting down on Friday July 8th.  All Zerve customers will need to migrate to a new solution before that date.  We realize there are many options out there, but we would love to talk with you.

Zaui is the most trusted online system for tickets, tours, rentals, and transportation.

Zaui is 100% dedicated to the success of each and every company in the tourism business.  Simply put, we want to see every company we work with succeed.  For that reason, we want to help you with a smooth transition.  We are offering to all Zerve Customers, No Setup Fees.  No Commissions and a reduced rate of only $50 / month FOR ALL ZERVE CUSTOMERS

About Zaui Software:  We are a self-funded company providing software, support, and services for tour, activity and transportation companies around the world.

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