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FlyOver Canada Tickets Available For Zaui Resellers

FlyOver Canada Tickets Available For Zaui Resellers
Zaui Software - FlyOver Canada - Available for Resellers on Zaui

FlyOver Canada Tickets Now Available for Reselling on Zaui Systems

Zaui is excited to announce it’s newest partnership with Pursuit, a collection of adventure travel experiences.

Starting with its Vancouver-based FlyOver Canada attraction, Zaui customers are able to sell tickets to the flight ride, right from their Zaui system. The agreement will also extend to Flyover Iceland in Reykjavik, Iceland and the Banff Gondola, in the historic mountain town of Banff, Alberta.

FlyOver Canada is the ultimate Flying Ride where guests are seated feet dangling as they soar over some of Canada’s most awe-inspiring locations. Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, FlyOver Canada is open daily from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM with rides starting every 15-20 minutes. FlyOver Canada tickets add a convenient and affordable upsell opportunity to customers already in-destination looking for additional activities to explore.

What does this mean for Zaui Customers?

Zaui customers will soon be able to sell FlyOver Canada, FlyOver Iceland and Banff Gondola tickets. By integrating directly with real-time inventory, timed admission attractions can be purchased for guests from the Zaui system.

This FlyOver Canada ticket integration is available exclusively for Zaui customers on the Zaui platform.

How to get started selling FlyOver Canada tickets and products?

Although the sales process, inventory and administration is completely automated within your Zaui system, an existing business relationship with Pursuit is required to receive approval for reselling FlyOver Canada.

How to Apply?

If your company is interested in applying as a reseller, please direct all business enquiries to the FlyOver Canada sales team:

Once your company has been approved, the integration is mapped within your Zaui system and the new inventory will become available to sell within one business day.

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Start selling FlyOver Canada tickets from your Zaui system.

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