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Zaui Distribution

Sell your product on the world’s largest marketplaces

OTA Channel Manager

Expand your Reach

Grow your business by connecting to our growing network of online travel agencies and distribute your product around the globe.

Automate your Relationships

Define the parameters for each OTA relationship with the Zaui Channel Manager (what is available, when and how much), then watch the bookings roll in.

Real-time Inventory

Never get overbooked. Zaui provides live access to a single source inventory which is always up to date across all of your channels.

Zaui connects you to:


Zaui Connect

Automated cross-selling between the entire Zaui user network

Welcome to the new world where relationships still matter. Only now, all the hard stuff is managed by Zaui.

Connect to our supplier partner network

Save time and money: No more phone enquires. Reservations, Cancellations and payment processing is handled remotely in the reseller system. Zaui takes care of your commissions rates, tracking and reporting.

Sell tours, rentals, tickets and packages

The sky’s the limit! Create tour packages with your industry partners to offer exclusive rates and deals with other suppliers in your local area. Take bookings online, through Zaui Core or via our Mobile app.


Maintain control over your inventory and define your relationships. Set rules, allocations and never oversell by tapping into the same source of real-time inventory shared across all enabled channels.

Agents / Resellers

Your offsite team of local and global sales agents

Get more

Allow agents to log in and book directly into your system. Accept vouchers or credit cards as payment.

Complex Commission Structures

Multi-level commission structures: Set commissions by individual or company, by percentage or flat rate. Select which activities and products are eligible for commissions and the valid dates.

Easy Accounting and Performance Tracking

Easily track commissions and agent performance. Print commission summary letters and account invoices.

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