Why Zaui?


For tour & transportation companies of all shapes and sizes who need a solution to grow with them, Zaui Software is a tour management software that puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you complete control over every aspect of your travel business. Our best tour operator software streamlines the day-to-day operations by making reservations easy, automating communications with your customers. and growing your bottom line by scaling your travel business.

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Zaui was Built for You

Your business

We designed our features to meet the needs of every size of business—from tourpreneurs and mom and pop shops all the way through to the thriving enterprise.

Your customers

We’re committed to helping you deliver a positive experience at every stage of the customer journey—from a prospect to a loyal customer to a long-time advocate.

Your network

Connection is at the heart of what we do—connecting your business to guests, partners and the greater tourism community.

1. Highly Competitive & Flexible Pricing Plans


Most systems make you choose to charge your customers an online booking fee or have high enterprise fees with subscription costs mixed with booking fees. Zaui’s Tour Operator Software offers you more flexibility and lets you choose what works best for your business without huge sacrifices to features or usage limits. You can choose a pricing model which charges your customers an online booking fee, or you can choose a small, competitive charge to your company each month without any hidden fees.

We ensure that our customers are never caught off guard by unexpected or undisclosed charges. With Zaui’s pricing plans, you gain access to industry leading travel technology features, as well as unlimited products or activities, user connections, and agent connections.

Say goodbye to confusing monthly rates and hidden fees once and for all!


Zaui Tour Booking Software Pricing Plan

2. Over Two Decades of Leading the Way in Innovation

Zaui was one of the first online reservation management systems and has consistently remained at the forefront of the travel industry, setting the standard for cutting-edge features and continuous evolution ensuring that travel businesses always have access to the latest advancements. 

At Zaui Software, we take pride in our progressive mindset and our ability to anticipate the changing needs of the travel industry. As we move forward, we remain committed to surpassing expectations and setting new benchmarks for excellence.

If you are a tour operator and you choose our travel management software, you benefit from the wealth of knowledge and insights we have gained throughout our extensive journey of over 20 years. Our team of experts work closely with tour operators worldwide, understanding pain points, and crafting  innovative solutions to address them.

24 years of Zaui

3. Hassle Free Customer Support

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the travel software. We provide comprehensive training and dedicated in-house support to ensure that you make the most of our online booking software and have an exceptional customer experience. Our top-notch customer success team is always ready to assist you, ensuring a hassle-free customer service from start to finish with decades of combined experience. 

Our team of dedicated support specialists is here to guide you through every stage of your journey. From initial setup to troubleshooting. We take pride in our deep industry knowledge and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

Customer Support by Zaui

4. Complete Control

Zaui is an independent entity specialized in travel booking software for tours, activities, and transportation; unlike some of our competitors who are entirely owned by an Online Travel Agency or outside firms. Zaui’s focus is solely on serving the best interests of our clients, in our special industry.

We don’t engage in any competition with our customers and remain committed to supporting you.

Our customers have the freedom to distribute their inventory wherever they desire, as we offer connections with dozens of  OTAs, including Viator, Trip Advisor, GetYourGuide, and more! Zaui enables inventory management from a single platform, and it is always their decision to do so.

5. Payment Gateway

Zaui offers flexibility on payment gateways with 17+ global partners, each with its suite of benefits and competitive processing fees. You’ll have control over your relationship with your payment processor ensuring seamless connection with your bank and quicker payouts and seamless online payments. 

In addition to all the other payment gateways, we integrate with Stripe. Our preferred partnership status with Stripe means we’re able to process payments in 135+ currencies in 195 countries.

Zaui Payment Gateway

6. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

The Report Builder from Zaui empowers you to create personalized reports, enabling you to access the metrics that matter to you in a unified display. Combined with over 135 report templates and an Insights panel, you’ll always have access to all your booking data within a few clicks.

Tailor your reports with the crucial metrics that align with your specific requirements. You can conveniently schedule these reports to be generated daily, weekly, monthly, or at a designated time, and effortlessly distribute them to multiple recipients.

7. Zaui is an All-Inclusive Platform

Zaui Software is a management system for tour & transportation companies of all shapes and sizes who need a solution for managing bookings and to grow with them, it gives you complete control over every aspect of your business. From start-ups to established tour and transportation enterprises, Zaui has you covered!

Not only does Zaui offer a comprehensive list of over 80 integrations in our marketplace. But it also offers unlimited products, users & agent connections in all our pricing plans – as well as promo codes, gift cards & extras* that you can sell with your tour or activity.

8. Mobile App

Zaui Mobile is a user-friendly application available on both Android and iOS platforms, designed to streamline your in-person sales and guest check-in processes.

With Zaui’s mobile apps, you can effortlessly access manifests, retrieve essential business information, and conveniently view activity and guest booking details all in one comprehensive interface. Additionally, it empowers you to effortlessly scan QR codes from tickets or your mobile device. 

Zaui Mobile App

9. Channel Manager

Zaui’s integrated Channel Manager provides tour and transport operators with the ability to oversee their reselling channels, such as online travel agencies (OTAs) and travel agents.

Through the Zaui channel manager, operators can make decisions regarding the activities available for sale, cut-off times for bookings, and the timing for guests to make changes to their bookings before the departure date. This means, you are always in control of when and where your tours are sold on the digital marketplace without the worry of over bookings.

Independently owned

10. Zero Downtime and Glitch-Free Operations

We understand that every minute counts in the travel industry, and that’s why we have invested heavily in developing a rock-solid tour booking system that keeps you connected around the clock.

No more missed bookings or disappointed customers due to technical issues. Our customer experience, uninterrupted service, empowering you to maximize your business potential.


The Core of Who We Are


Happy Customers. Happy Guests. We work with our customers to ensure their needs are prioritized and championed in our product roadmap and future development.

Trust and Reliability

When we say we’ve got your back (and your business), we really do. Trust and reliability are the foundation of our team, our product and our relationships.


We’re driven by the future. We have our ears to the ground and strive to think differently, plan ahead and build for the future.


A people-first approach is ingrained in everything we do—from nurturing prospects and serving customers to developing our own team.

Social Responsibility

Whether it’s protecting our planet or improving our platform—we’re grounded by the belief of making an impact for the better.

Powered by a Team that Dreams Big

Our team is made up of talented, collaborative Zauians based in Canada, the US and Norway, united by a shared vision of shaping best-in-class tourism technology that scales with your business.

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