Zaui Branding Guidelines

(Last Updated - December 2019)

Zaui was founded in 1999 with the goal of establishing itself as a leading enterprise tour and activity management solution. As our team scales, we aim to establish our identity and brand consistency across all digital spaces. We’ve created a style guide and brand portal for all downloadable, branded assets and resources.




We’re proud of our logo and aim to ensure it always looks its best by following the guidelines outlined below.


Primary Logo - Stacked

The Zaui logo is composed of a glyph and stacked wordmark. Whenever possible, the horizontal, stacked wordmark logo should be used.

Secondary Logo - Wordmark

In instances where the primary logo can become illegible (such as small sizing) opt to use the secondary wordmark logo.


The Zaui icon is used only when the Zaui brand has been previously established.

Usage on backgrounds

Colour logos should be used against light coloured photographs or solid backgrounds. In contrast, the white logo should be placed against darker backgrounds for contrast and legibility. 

Colour Logo

White Logo

Minimum Logo Sizing

Width: 120px

Height: 28px

Width: 60px

Height: 11px

Width: 22px

Height: 22px

Clear Space

Never reproduce the logo at a smaller size than these recommendations as it will result in the loss of their impact and readability.


× Don't change the colour

× Don't distort or warp the logo

× Don't angle the logo

× Don't add any visual effects

× Don't change the typeface of the logo

× Don't reposition the logo elements



Zaui Blue

RGB: 26-49-92



RGB: 5-141-199



RGB: 243-136-0



RGB: 243-243-243



RGB: 219-68-55



RGB: 13-169-96



RGB: 60-70-87

Our colours embody who we are as a brand and convey a sense of warmth, knowledge, trust and reliability. Zaui’s core brand colour is always a navy blue in Hex Code #1A315C. Our colour palette also includes a range of accent colours that pair well with our signature blue.


Our typography is an extension of our voice on digital platforms. Our primary brand font is Helvetica across Zaui applications. Arial or a San Serif alternative can be used when Helvetica is unavailable on your platform or device.

HelveticaThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

ArialThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Sans SerifThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog



Sans Serif

Proxima NovaThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Proxima Nova

San Francisco

San Francisco

RalewayThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog




Print  (Business Cards, Print Ads)

Print Colours


Zaui Blue


Colour mode always has to be CMYK for printing. Currently only Zaui blue is utilized.



The choice in illustrations should always reflect our brand’s personality of being warm, friendly and professional. Zaui preferred elements typically have a clean, flat style to represent these traits and to help visualize a challenging concept or add delight.

However with certain projects and on the current Zaui website, coloured, geometric illustrations may be used to add warmth and dimension in our visual storytelling.

For quick usage, one free resource to pull from is FlatIcon.

Zaui Mascot - "Zauian"


Stock imagery is used quite frequently on the current website. Where possible, utilize high resolution photography and resources from partner and customer digital asset libraries before resorting to stock imagery from Unsplash and Pexels.


Writing guidelines help the team standardize our brand voice for consistency and cohesiveness. Depending on the audience or context, this can change but at the core our brand voice can be described as: 

  • Warm
  • Friendly, Casual & Smart
  • Helpful

And when in doubt, step into their shoes and engage your audiences with plainspoken, concise language. Avoid overwhelming audiences with technical terminology.



Presently, Zaui has a presence on social platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our social media voice first and foremost remains fun and conversational across these platforms. Visually, social images should adhere to the visual guidelines taking special care on image quality, and respective image sizing for each platform.

While post format may vary, structurally all posts must have an accompanying visual asset (static, video or .gif), link and hashtag.

General Application  (Email, Back Office,,

Website and Landing Pages  (, Unbounce Landing Pages)

Web Booking Engine, Android Apps (POS, Mobile)

RobotoThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Noto Sans吾輩は猫である。名前はまだ無い。


Noto Sans

iOS Apps  (POS, Mobile)

*Deprecated  ( - pending update to Helvetica)

Flat Illustration Example

Coloured Illustration Example

Web Colours

Colour mode always has to be RGB for screens.

How to Setup Your Email Signature in Gmail

1. At the top right of the Gmail screen, click on the gear icon and then click on Settings.

2.In the General tab, you'll see the Signature box.

3.Click the button below. it will open the email signature HTML in new tab.

Email Signature HTML

4. Select the packaged email

5. Toggle back to your Gmail window and paste the content into the signature box, modifying your name, title, and email address. Ensure all links are functional and direct to the correct mail to address.

6. Save your changes, and you're done!

Email Signature

Our email signature helps create a great first impression, generating a memorable sign off when communicating to our leads, partners, customers and even amongst our team.

We utilize one simple, branded email signature packaged below:

Our friendly mascot, Zauian can be found in the Zaui back office to guide users through the platform.

The logo and the icon’s exclusion zone is equal to half the height of the icon.

Twitter ... 1024 x 512px

LinkedIn ... 1104 x 736px

Facebook ... 1200 x 630px

Image Sizes for Social Platforms