Enhancements to Tickets opens new doors for selling with Zaui


January 18, 2017

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Tickets are one of several tools tourism activity operators need to have at their disposal in order to offer a complete and diverse range of tourism products. Our latest enhancements to tickets offers more versatility, plus a way to seamlessly integrate with third-party suppliers to sell on their behalf. Read on to find out more!

Ticket Activities

Zaui Tickets are modeled on our ‘standard’ tourism activity type and offer most of the same range of options for customizing your product:

  • Load in images and add descriptions
  • Defined start and end dates, days available, start time and duration
  • Defined guest types and dynamic pricing options
  • Ability to upsell other activities or products
  • A wide range of inventory control options
  • Defined pick up or drop off locations if applicable
  • Can be operated by your own company or set up to resell a third-party activity, attraction or event.

New Ticket Functionality

In addition to the above, Zaui Tickets offers the following:

  • One Ticket per guest. Any bookings which have multiple guests will produce individual tickets/codes for each guest. For example, a group of 5 adults will be issued 5 unique tickets for check in.
  • Fully-integrated into the Zaui Point of Sale app. Use the Zaui P.O.S and Mobile apps and their integrated hardware to scan, validate and print tickets. Unlike regular activities, tickets can be scanned multiple times.
  • Upload then Generate Third-Party Bar codes. This allows third-party bar codes/tickets to be accepted, scanned and checked in by a third-party system’s bar code reader. For example: A ski and ride package which includes transportation to a ski resort and a daily ski pass. When the guest arrives at the ski resort the bar code on their ticket will be recognized and accepted by the ski resort.

Want to get started? Registered Zaui Support users can access our detailed tickets article.

Tourism products that are well suited to tickets:

  • Seated events like dinners, shows, film festivals
  • Entry into tourist attractions
  • Hop-on-Hop off City Tour tickets
  • One-off special events, such as an outdoor summer concert
  • For selling food and beverage items
  • Optional/upsell activities on a tour such as entrance to a third party attraction or activity
  • Tours which give guests the option of including a meal
  • Tours/activities requiring individual guests to have their own pass
  • Tours/activities that allow guests to enter and exit a location over a specific period of time
  • A film festival, comedy show or any other event with time and capacity limit

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