Reflecting on the Milestones: Zaui’s Remarkable Product Releases in 2023


December 5, 2023

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Reflecting on the Milestones: Zaui’s Remarkable Product Releases in 2023

As we say goodbye to 2023, the Zaui team is filled with gratitude for the incredible support from our customers and partners. This year was marked with significant advancements in the Zaui platform, and we’re excited to recap the key product releases that have shaped the landscape of tour and activity management. Let’s dive into the biggest Zaui product releases of 2023.

Dynamic Pricing Features

Zaui’s Dynamic Pricing Features were released in September, 2023 enabling real-time price adjustments through intelligent rule sets. This empowers businesses to craft personalized pricing strategies based on various parameters such as category, day of the week, time of day, seasonal fluctuations, demand pricing, and group discounts. The result? A dynamic pricing approach that maximizes revenue and enhances customer satisfaction.

Google Things to do: Navigating Success Together

Zaui proudly became Google’s Official Partner for ‘Things to do’ in 2022, but the platform has been evolving ever since its inception. Zaui has made new advancements in its Google Things to do Integration, simplifying the process for travel companies and activity organizers to leverage the numerous benefits of listing their offerings on Google Things to do. Zaui can assist in enhancing your product configuration for optimal visibility on Google, facilitating commission-free bookings, and enabling you to keep track of your listings on Google Things to do.

Advancements in Transportation Feature Suite

Zaui’s Transportation Feature Suite saw notable improvements in 2023. Here’s a quick recap:

Transportation Single Selector

The introduction of the ‘Transportation Single Selector’ streamlines the guest experience by consolidating pick-up and drop-off location selections into a single, convenient dropdown list. This simplification enhances usability, making it easier for customers to choose their desired destination seamlessly.

Seat Types

Understanding the value of personalization, Zaui introduced the Transport Booking Seat Type Feature. This advancement allows operators to offer a diverse range of seat types, catering to various preferences and needs. Whether it’s different seat categories or varying levels of comfort, this feature provides operators with unparalleled customization options, all managed effortlessly through Zaui’s user-friendly Back Office interface.

2022 Integrations: Strengthening Partnerships


Triplextex software enhances efficiency in your accounting procedures by automating tasks using EHF and intelligent bookkeeping rules. It streamlines the invoicing process, eliminating the necessity for manual follow-ups and reminders. The software facilitates the digitization of receipts and forms, offering a user-friendly app and web solution. With Triplextex, you can guarantee precise payments to your employees, adeptly handle taxes, duties, and A-messages. Additionally, it provides robust project and timekeeping features to enhance financial control and is tailored for a contemporary approach to annual settlements, making accurate reporting more accessible.

OCTo – Open Connectivity for Tourism

Facilitating seamless connectivity and efficiency within the tours, activities, attractions, and experiences sector of travel and tourism, OCTo aims to enhance the customer journey. This is achieved through the development and management of technical messaging standards for industry-serving technology and software. OCTO also actively promotes the widespread adoption of these standards among industry participants.

Technology partners who have adopted the OCTo Spec can benefit from using one universal language to communicate between systems, streamlining the product mapping, inventory check and request processes.

TourConnect AI

TourConnect AI and Zaui have formed a partnership that empowers reservation teams globally with the capabilities of AI. The Booking Automation Tool from TourConnect AI significantly cuts down the manual effort required to input reservations into Zaui, thanks to the newly integrated features between the two platforms. This tool can intelligently extract essential booking data from any booking email, automatically populating a booking form for review and submission into Zaui. This functionality dramatically reduces the time spent on tasks such as creating, canceling, updating, and searching for bookings that arrive in a reservation team’s inbox.


Integrated with reservation systems, PicThrive automatically triggers emails to guests who haven’t purchased photos, leading to increased sales. This feature proves to be 35% more effective than regular follow-up emails, showcasing the power of strategic integrations.


Copernican provides a modern solution for managing customer cancellations, assuming financial liability for cancellations. This innovative approach to handling cancellations alleviates the burden on tour and activity companies, fostering a more secure and streamlined operation.

As we reflect on the year 2023, these product launches and integrations signify Zaui’s commitment to empowering tour and activity businesses on a global scale. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our clients, partners, and the entire Zaui community for contributing to this year’s success. Here’s to a future filled with even more innovation and collaboration!

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