What Tour Operators Can Learn from the World’s Top 25 Tourism Websites


July 22, 2016

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Travel industry site Skift recently released its 2016 list of the top 25 Tourism Websites in the World.

Among the top 25 websites were Visit NorwayVisit DubaiKeep Exploring CanadaIreland TourismTourism Australia and Travel Oregon. To see the full list, go to Skift.com.

Each of these websites are tourism destination promotional tools for cities, regions or countries, designed to pique interest and increase visitation in the destination as a whole.  Naturally, they have a considerable budget for website design, however are a great resource showcasing modern online travel design and a source of ideas for tour and activity operators to consider for their own websites.

So what are some of the common themes that these websites all share?

  • They use a mobile-friendly modular design, flat architecture, and streamlined navigation structure that is intuitive and fast to load
  • They feature full-width photos and videos, including virtual reality and 360-degree videos
  • They focus on storytelling, using local residents to promote their destination in a natural, authentic voice
  • They make use of consumer segmentation profiles to intelligently deliver content designed to fit various traveler profiles

How can tour and activity operators leverage these websites?

  • Get listed. Typically membership is required and comes with other perks like image resources, industry events and more
  • Get featured. On top ten attractions or activities lists. Work together to build a great listing by sharing images, content, reviews and links to your site.
  • Set them up as a wholesale or commissionable agent in Zaui for easy tracking of traffic sources and commissions owed.

For our local customers, Destination British Columbia has a range of integrated marketing programs designed to promote the brand “Super, Natural British Columbia” and BC as a tourism destination. The brand promises a unique kind of travel experience, and guides expectations of not only what travellers will see and do, but also how they will feel. BC operators wanting to learn more about Destination BC’s new brand can click here for more information.

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