A Simpler, Time Saving View for Planning and Pricing Routes


February 2, 2021

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Introducing the Pricing Table for our Point-to-Point Transportation Operators

Tired of plugging the fares for each route and its multiple stops? So are we. Available this week on the Zaui platform, the NEW pricing table is designed to easily display and price routes, saving you and your team the time and effort spent inputting and updating fares across all your serviced routes, stops and directions.

Let’s dive into the details:

🚌 Simple, Visual Table View

Transportation operators have a birds-eye view into the most timely and accurate fare, with a simplified, structured table.

The table view makes it easy to view all stops, cities and pricing with a clear differentiation between different route fares.

🚏Manage all Stops and Prices in One Place

One of the biggest pain points we’ve heard from our transport community is the amount of time and work it took to manage the various trips, directions, stops and fares.

With the latest pricing table, operators can easily visualize all stops and corresponding fares between each point.

This improved all-in-one view allows suppliers to quickly identify which price codes need to be added and updated to reduce operational errors, speed up data entry and make it easy for your operations team to update and manage price increases.

To set up a pricing table:

  • Define all the stops on your route
  • Generate the pricing table
  • Fill in the prices for each corresponding point/stop or upload preexisting price codes
  • Link your price table to your activity

💡 Tip: If you’re looking to set up the reverse route, simply duplicate to generate.

And voila, your pricing table is set up and ready to go.

Looking Ahead: Zaui’s Transportation Solutions

2020 wasn’t an easy year for the travel industry, and although the future of motorcoach travel is still quite unknown, we’re optimistic for travel to come back in a big way.

Here at Zaui, we continue to remain committed to supporting our ground transportation community, providing them with the tools and features needed to help shuttle, intercity and hop-on-hop-off, sightseeing bus operators in their recovery through 2021 and beyond. 

We’ll continue to incorporate our customer feedback and make Zaui even better; this release sets the stage for more improvements to come.

Zaui is packed with even more transportation features to help drive bookings and deliver frictionless experiences.  Now is the time to plan ahead and ensure you’re well-positioned for recovery. Here are a few transportation solutions to consider integrating into the guest experience:

Ready to reduce the manual workload?

If you’re an existing Zaui customer, connect with our Customer Success team to learn more about where you can locate and activate the pricing table feature in your system.

Not a Zaui user yet? Not a problem! Reach out to one of our Zaui experts to schedule a demo today.


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