Setting Our North Star: Zaui’s Plans for Navigating Through 2020 & 2021


February 27, 2020

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Over the past 12 months, our team hunkered down and participated in countless sticky note sessions around Zaui’s product, values, and technology to set our North Star.

As part of this process, our team tapped into our rich trove of customer feedback, insights and communication touchpoints.  We wanted to ensure everything we design and deploy would be both inspired and guided by our customers’ success and challenges.  

From our initial discussions, it was apparent that our customers make up a big part of our North Star conversation and are a key driver in how we approach our strategy and product development.

Today we’re announcing strategic plans for the new decade, underscoring our foothold within the reservation technology space as an independent player leading in product innovation, and a trusted technology partner in reliability and stability.

In 2020 and 2021, we’re committed to enhancing the guest experience by expanding on existing powerful platform capabilities and services, specifically in building out Zaui’s NEW Online Booking Engine and Connectivity Program.

What This Means for Our Customers

Our next chapter aims to extend our leadership position in the reservation technology space, with deepened capabilities and improved functionalities that help tours, activities and ground transportation suppliers further grow their business.

Delivering Frictionless Guest Experiences:  

1. New Online Booking Engine: A new decade means a fresh new face for Zaui’s booking engine. Built for speed, the upgraded engine also boasts a simple, eye-catching user interface that aligns with any brand and is equipped with a powerful set of sorting capabilities to filter fare classes and timelines.

From the front end, guests have visibility into trip changes during the booking process, an incredibly powerful feature for ground transportation operators challenged with constant service disruptions that negatively impact guest experience. The new, built-in visual decorators also drive urgency and encourage guests to take action.

Stay tuned for the new booking engine, rolling out this Spring! Zaui customers can learn more about the NEW Online Booking Engine in our webinar What’s New at Zaui: January 2020.

Driving High Volume Street Sales: 

2. PAXA920: The PAX A920, an all-in-one mobile POS device, is here to transform high-volume street sales and manage check-ins! 

A touch screen printer, scanner and payment terminal packaged in one, the PAX A920 is built for speedy transactions and cuts down the number of steps for payment processing and purchase.  

The next available view is incredibly helpful in getting your guests booked in, fast. Where this device really shines is in day of and dock sale scenarios where your street team is challenged with short windows and long queues.

From a design and build standpoint, the PAXA920 is a sleek, intuitively designed terminal loaded with the Zaui POS through an Android operating system. It’s perfectly equipped to meet high volume street demands in tour, activity and ground transportation environments. 

Expanding on Connectivity & Distribution:

3. Integrations & connectivity: Zaui will be doubling down on building long-term relationships and integrations with strategic industry partners aimed at strengthening our connections, working with the industry to develop standards, and holistically improving the reservation experience.

The Connectivity Program will enable suppliers to access other distribution partners and manage inventory in order to streamline workflows. Zaui works to partner with prominent distribution channels and services to help you drive bookings. 

Investment in this area will open up doors for tours, activities and to stay connected, increase distribution and maximize business impact. To kick things off, Zaui is excited to launch its comprehensive integration with Google Reserve in 2020. 

Driving the Customer Journey Experience:

4. Customer Journey Mapping: In an industry that’s ever-evolving, our customer success team works alongside you so you get the most value out of your Zaui software. Zaui Customer Success functions as an extension of your team and is right there with you to celebrate your milestones and booking wins.

By delivering bespoke business guidance, product tips and distribution strategies aimed at helping you spend less time on manual operations, you are able to focus on driving sales and growing your business.

In addition to these key rollouts – here’s a peek into some transportation-centric features that will benefit bus and shuttle operators in 2020 and 2021:

  • Pricing & Time Tables: Our Point-to-Point pricing table offers both suppliers and guests the ease and flexibility of an all-in-one view of routes, stops and corresponding prices to help simplify the booking process and drive conversions.
  • Service Disruptions: Delays and closures are unfortunately commonplace in the transportation world. Suppliers and guests have full visibility into routes and disruptions or stop closures that can impact pickups and guest experiences through the new online booking engine.
  • Customer Credit Logic: In the event of service disruptions and refunds, fees incurred by both suppliers and customers can be credited and applied towards future bookings.
  • Smart API calls: With more point-to-point API calls available, transportation brands are connected to more partners, and have access to even more data points to help expand their connectivity and offerings.
  • Yield Management: It’s all about selling the right product to the right guest, at the right time. A revenue and yield management system gives you the flexibility of pricing tours based on occupancy, so you’re able to truly maximize your revenue potential.

Interested in these tour, activity and ground transportation features? Connect with your Customer Success Manager today! If you’re not a Zaui user, schedule a demo with one of our Zaui Experts.

About Zaui Software

Headquartered in Vancouver Canada, Zaui is an independently owned, enterprise-grade reservation technology software, powering tour, activity and ground transportation businesses worldwide.

For over two decades, Zaui’s rich reservation feature set has helped suppliers drive bookings, manage operations and connect their business to more guests, community partners and online marketplaces.

Behind the cutting-edge technology is a mighty group of talented, collaborative Zauians, united by a shared vision of shaping best-in-class tourism technology made to scale with your business and stand the test of time!

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