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July 16, 2017

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How Zaui Automates Online Bookings with Expedia

Tour and Activity operators using Zaui Software can now connect real time and automate bookings with the online powerhouse, Expedia.

Expedia is the latest Online Travel Agent (OTA) to join the Zaui Reseller Network with a direct API connection to the Zaui platform. This allows suppliers to access a massive pool of potential new customers and accept new reservations from the booking giant, hands free and in real time.

If you are already selling on Expedia, then you have a head start. You already know the sales potential of connecting to online resellers like Expedia, Viator, Veltra, Musement, SimpleNight and others. If you haven’t had experience with online resellers, have a look at our latest Zaui case study on the Tromsø Wilderness Centre to see how OTAs helped spur massive growth for this company.

How the Direct Integration with Expedia Works

Originally, bookings were delivered one-way via email, which needed to be checked for availability, entered into the system, and invoiced back to Expedia.

Now when a customer books a tour or activity on Expedia, Zaui checks inventory to ensure the space is available for the Expedia customer. When the space is confirmed, the booking is pushed directly to the supplier’s Zaui account and payment is made electronically to the supplier bank account based on the customer’s tour dates. If changes need to be made to the reservation, they can be done by Expedia, subject to the edit and cancellation rules set by the Zaui channel manager. Of course cancellations and edits to bookings coming from Expedia can also be made in Zaui.

This automated sales process greatly improves accuracy and efficiency, leaving tour and activity operators with more time to spend focusing on what matters most: providing an exceptional experience for their guests.


Expedia joins Viator, Musement and others as Zaui Software’s latest OTA integration

Why Should Tour and Activity Operators Use Expedia for Bookings?

Global Reach

Expedia is the world’s largest travel company. They have a massive portfolio of other giant travel companies like, Trivago, Orbitz and the Expedia Affiliate Network to name a few. They have the largest global network of trusted travel partner brands in over 70 countries that can package tours outside your tourism scope. In the US alone, Expedia accounts for nearly 70% of the total OTA market.

Access Users (Expedia Offers a Premium Experience)

Customers love Expedia’s ability to personalize travel search. Around 60 million travelers are searching Expedia listings each month for tours and activities. It offers suggestions and provides trusted third party reviews. Expedia’s travel apps have been downloaded more than 80 million times.

Reliable Bookings and Payments

Once your direct connection has been configured in Zaui, you can start selling right away. Expedia only makes money when you sell your tours or activities. Customers trust paying their money to Expedia…and you can trust that Expedia is going to pay you.
Expedia is the platform of choice for customers searching for tours and activities. Grow your tourism business with Zaui and plug into a direct connection with the world’s largest Online Travel Agents.

Sell Your Tours on the World’s Largest Marketplaces

Set up is simple. Start selling your tours and activities through online travel agencies like Musement, Viator, and Expedia today by contacting us at

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