Meet the Zauian: Sam Rostainajad


February 25, 2022

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This month we catch up with Sam Rostainajad, our Account Executive. Sam has a strong and extensive background in sales. He is always on hand to answer any queries that our potential clients may have about Zaui and loves to find solutions for businesses all over the world.  

When he is not helping tour and activity operators digitalize their reservation system, he enjoys hikes, bike rides and taking his dog, Leo, for a walk. And sometimes, he likes to do random things like mastering Morse code! 😄

Why were you drawn to Zaui? 

I absolutely love working with companies in the travel industry from all around the world. It is a fun and exciting industry,  there could be a week where I work with clients from all the continents! 

Which Zaui features are potential customers most excited for? 

The part about Zaui that excites clients the most is how much efficiency this tool can offer to their business operations. I genuinely believe that inefficiencies are problems that you don’t know that you have. 

Being able to draw on the expertise of a tool like Zaui, which is used by companies around the world for over two decades, clients can really optimize their operations, add efficiencies and cut costs!

What is the most exciting part of being an Account Executive at Zaui?

It’s a great environment to work in. The team is amazing, we have outstanding leadership, and everyone is aligned to ensure that customers are being taken care of. 

Why do you enjoy working at Zaui?

I enjoy working with companies in the travel industry and helping them streamline their bookings and improve overall efficiencies. I really enjoy meeting new clients from all over the world and listening to their stories, and at the end of the day, helping them digitalize their reservation system.

The best compliment you heard from your potential clients? 

After I had my demo presentation with a client, she told me that she had been shopping for months and has sat through countless demos, and this demo was the BEST demo she had received!! 😊

What helps you feel connected to your coworkers while working remotely? 

Having constant communication through chats and meeting with co-works through video calls! We have a small team that is very close, so even though we are in different provinces and countries, it never really feels like we are that far. 

What do you do to turn things around when you’re having a bad day?

I take my dog to a dog park and listen to a podcast—the combination always lifts my mood!

What’s the most common question people ask you when they find out what you do?

How do you pronounce Zai wee??

Who would you choose if you could trade places with anyone for a day? 

I have always wanted to visit space, so I would trade places with anyone working in the space station right now. Haha, I think it would be pretty awesome to be floating around and hanging out in space for a day.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I enjoy going on hikes or bike rides. I also love going to the beach and the dog park. Being outside makes me feel alive! 

What advice would you give to new Zauians in their first month?

Zaui is enterprise-level software! Take it easy and take your time to learn the system and the industry.

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