Meet the Zauian: Bana Batshon


April 28, 2022

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This month, we catch up with Bana Batshon, Software Developer and find out a little more about her life at Zaui. Bana has worked on many challenging projects and is a key player in Zaui’s engineering team. When she’s not writing code, you will find her at the gym or playing the piano.

What is the most exciting part of being a Software Developer at Zaui? 

Feeling a sense of belonging and having a supportive team to work with. I enjoy the versatility of the tasks that provides me with an opportunity to learn new tech and attain a growth mindset.

How have you been able to learn and grow at Zaui? 

I would not have managed to complete certain tasks if it wasn’t for the help of my coworkers. Pair programming and researching through some challenging tasks got me where I am right now.

Do you have a routine that helps you stay productive?

I am still trying to find the perfect routine! So far, I have found that working out, having a great cup of coffee and getting enough sleep is a must.

What does your typical workday look like?

Coffee, coffee and more coffee…

What helps you feel connected to your coworkers while working remotely?

Pair programming or hearing each other’s stories about living in a different city.

What makes you feel alive and excited?

When I’m not working, you will  find me at the gym, spending time with friends or playing the piano.

What’s the most common question people ask you when they find out what you do?

If I could hack someone else’s social media accounts 😛

Who would you choose if you could trade places with anyone for a day?

I would trade places with an Olympic swimmer like Michael Phelps. I would love to experience breaking a world record and getting a gold medal in Olympics.

If you could pick anybody to be your mentor, who would it be?

I am already lucky to have a great mentor, the head of our engineering team, Brett. He not only guides me through technical tasks but also inspires me to get a sound understanding of an efficient workflow. The way he handles challenging situations, whether it’s technical or not, is always admirable.

What do you do to turn things around when you’re having a bad day?

I find it a game-changer to work out, then spend some time in the sauna.  I end up a bit too relaxed and in a much better mindset.

What advice would you give to new Zauians in their first month?

It’s okay if you don’t get the hang of the system within that week… it will get better!


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