In It Together: Support Resources for Tourism and Transportation Communities


April 2, 2020

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COVID-19 is affecting all industries on an extraordinary global scale, and the process of assessing and adapting to these changing times has been tough for the tourism community, an industry amongst the hardest hit.

As we’re all hunkered down, self-isolating, social distancing and praying for a blip of normalcy—it’s really stressed the growing need to stay informed and connected, especially in a world rapidly changing and packed with pandemic coverage and COVID inbox clutter. 

Second, to that, these developments have also prompted us to reevaluate our individualism and shift our thinking towards uniting to achieve a collective goal of controlling the global outbreak—one that impacts ALL of our livelihoods. We’re all in it together.


Over the past two months, our team’s Slack conversations have been centred around sharing useful information and links that would not only inspire our peers but also bring value to our customers and the greater tourism and transportation communities.

With the amount of link pinning (which more often than not gets buried) and bookmarking, it made more sense to compile the business support and financial aid resources in a format that can be easily accessed, regularly updated and widely shared.

Whether you’re in firefighting mode, experiencing downtime due to closure, or simply looking for guidance, industry inspiration and perhaps a ray of sunshine – our In It Together resource hub is here to help.

For Zaui customers, we’ve added in relevant features and assembled some how-to videos that you may wish to take advantage of for the days ahead.

Rebounding will be a process, and we’re here to work through this with you. Head over to the resource hub to find:

  • 💼Business Guidance and Financial Aid Resources: Resources to help you and your business stay afloat, and on the path to recovery.
  • 🧰Community Tools and Educational Content: Leverage digital tools, communities, and expert insights to stay in the know on all industry and marketing developments.
  • 💡A Healthy Dose of Positivity and Inspiration: Discover how other tourism brands are channelling their creativity, making pivots and giving back to the community.

If you’re facing uncertainty with your business and would like to connect with our team—schedule a time with us to discuss your current business strategy.

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